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Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for March

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March Birth Flower

March brings us sunny days and the first burst of spring near the end of the month. Animals come out of hibernation, March Madness takes over our TV screens, and it brings us the first full moon of the year. March also brings us St. Patrick’s Day, International Women’s Day, and a variety of religious observances. To quote Lewis Grizzard, “Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” The shifting of the seasons in March is a signal of new beginnings and hope.

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What is the Birth Flower for March?

March’s birth flower is the daffodil. Most commonly recognized as a symbol of spring, the daffodil represents hope, joy, and rebirth. Daffodils have been around since ancient Egypt and Pompeii. The daffodil is recognized by different countries in different ways. In China, daffodils are significant as signs of prosperity and good luck. The daffodil is even the national flower of Wales!

Botanical Background of Daffodils

Daffodils: Of the genus Narcissus, daffodils are a spring perennial flower. There are approximately 50 different species in this particular genus and is native to meadows and woods in southern Europe and North Africa. The exact origin of the name Narcissus is unknown, but it is often linked to the infamous Narcissus character from Greek mythology. Daffodils thrive in sunny locations with well-drained soil. They require plenty of water once they are initially planted, but once they’ve bloomed, they require little to none.

Gift Ideas for March Birth Flower – Daffodils

Daffodils-Wordsworth Poem: 6-pack of Blank Ivory Notecards

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These simple notecards featuring the Wordsworth poem are perfect for holidays and birthdays.

White Barn Sunshine & Daffodils 3-Wick Candle

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Bring them the scent of daffodils all year long with a candle like this one!

Fabric Daffodil Brooch

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Know someone who loves a good brooch? This daffodil brooch is a sweet and colorful touch for a scarf or lapel.

Framed Unique Daffodils Bouquet Quilling 3D Wall Art

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Quilled flowers mounted on card stock in a simple frame is a flexible piece of home decor for anyone who enjoys daffodils.

BOOK: The Daffodil Principle

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A hardback version of an inspirational story – complete with beautiful illustrations.

Daffodil Photo Overlays

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Need to add a little spring touch to photos in Photoshop? These templates can add daffodils and spring flowers to any photo.

Daffodil Dog Bandana

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Have a sweet doggo with a March birthday? Put them in this and they’re all ready for spring!

Daffodil Shower Curtain

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Bring the flowers inside to brighten up a bathroom with this simple piece of decor.

Daffodils “Stained Glass” Window Cling

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Perfect for adding a little color to a window or room in the home or office!

Narcissus Essential Oil

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Can’t have a candle or want to diffuse the scent of daffodils? Gift this oil to anyone who loves the scent of daffodils.

Floral Mounted Mailbox

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This mailbox is perfect for anyone who wants to add daffodils to their front porch without actually planting the flowers.

Nippon Kodo Kayuragi Narcissus Japanese Floral Incense Sticks

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Another option for lovers of the daffodil scent.

Personalized March Birth Flower Daffodil Print

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Add the recipient’s name to this print to acknowledge their March birthday!

Exhart Solar White Narcissus Accent Light

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This light is excellent for patio, porch, and garden displays!

Daffodil Spoon Bracelet

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A simple spoon bent to meet the wrist measurement of the recipient. Made with flatware with shiny daffodils!

Daffodil Tea Cozy

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This fits a small teapot and helps to keep it warm! Plus, it looks like a small pot of daffodils.

Daffodil Sketched Tea Towel

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Liven up a kitchen or bar area with this tea towel and it’s set for spring!

Daffodils Wristlet Key Chain Lanyard

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Let them show off their birth flower with a keychain!

Daffodil Socks

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A simple and easy way to show off some spring with an outfit.

Ready to Plant Daffodil Bulbs

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If they love daffodils or are looking for another addition to their garden, get them the bulbs that are ready to plant.

The daffodil is a bright, welcome sign of spring! These colorful perennials are ideal for the month of March. Simple, bright, and a delight in any garden!

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