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20 End of the Year Classroom Gifts for 1st Graders

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As the school year comes to an end with your favorite first graders, you may be thinking of what to get them as an end of school year gift. Instead of agonizing about it for weeks on end, let this list help you out! There are many great ideas here, both fun and educational, low cost and higher cost.

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End of Year Classroom Gifts for 1st Graders

Fractions Dry-Erase and Laminated Activity Sheet Centers

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Everyone needs practice with fractions, and these fractions dry-erase and laminated activity sheets will help them practice over the summer without wasting paper.

Printable 1st Grade Sight Words

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Sight words are important even when school isn’t in session. Perhaps they will continue to exercise their brains over the summer with these printable sight words.

Personalized “1st grade was a hoot” Shirt

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Slightly above budget, personalized “1st grade was a hoot” owl shirts will make their day as you part ways for the summer.

“It’s o-fish-ally summer” Printable Tags

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Pack some baggies with goldfish, pretzels, and other goodies and place these printable tags on top for a yummy treat gift!

“Peace out 1st grade” Silhouette File

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This silhouette file is great for making shirts yourself or other crafts as well.

PJ Masks 1st Grade Printable Worksheets

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If many of your students love PJ Masks, then they will love these printable worksheets that are just their speed. PJ Masks are there to save the day!

“First grade, last day, autographs” Shirt

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Each of these shirts is pretty expensive, but is great for your students to get each others’ (and yours as well) signatures to remember each other.

DIY “Have a ball” Summer Tags

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Buy some small balls in bulk and slap these “have a ball” summer tags on them, it is both something for them to do while they’re on vacation and a nice gift.

23 Liquid Measurement Flashcards

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Help them learn, or continue to practice, the liquid measurements. They can help their parents cook, measure their own food, and prepare more for second grade all at the same time.

Tongue Out Winky Emoji Wall Decal

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These are super low cost, which means you can get enough to give each student their own. THey can put them up on the wall at home or wherever their parents will let them, and they are so much fun too!

“See you later alligator” Personalized Stickers

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These personalized stickers come in sheets of 12 large, or 24 small, and will be awesome for your students. After all, this isn’t goodbye forever. You will see most of them again in the hallway next school year. You can personalize them with your class or room number.

Last Day of 1st Grade Chalkboard Printable

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A great way for both the kid and the parents to remember their stats as they end the school year, and prepare to begin the next.

Personalized Notebook (for autographs)

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Personalized notebooks to use as autograph books will make them feel special, and they can write notes to each other. They are getting better and better with their penmanship so it will be nice to see how these turn out.

200 Printable Word Families Flashcards, Worksheets, and Activities Download

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This set of 200 printable flashcards, worksheets, and activities will hopefully keep them busy and sharp throughout the summer.

20 Pack of Drawstring Sports Bag

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Give them fun bags to take home with them over the summer, something that they can use many times.

DIY “hope your summer is bubbling with fun” Summer Tags

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Bubbles are fun and aren’t horribly expensive and these tags will make them more special!

Robot Bookmark with Quotes Printable

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Robots are cool, and so is reading. Encourage the kiddos to read with a fun robot bookmark that has an inspiring quote on it!

Superhero Photo Booth Prop

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Take their pics with a camera towards the end of the school year, print them up, and give them to them to take home. It is a great way to remember the year!

Crayon Bubbles Pack of 24

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While these would go perfectly with the printable tags above, they also work great on their own!

Smiley Face Mini Spiral Notebooks, Set of 48

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This is a cheaper, and possibly even more fun, alternative to the personalized notebooks for autographs, and you can even write their names in permanent markers.

First grade was a blast, send them off in style with a gift they will love!

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