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Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter B for Adults

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What is in a name? Well, if it starts with the letter b, great gift ideas start there. 

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These gifts all start with the letter B, which is what makes them so much fun!. They are a pretty wide variety of gifts but there gift ideas for the letter b are all sure to put a smile on the face of whoever receives them. They are also perfect for when you have a themed gift exchange! 


Gift Ideas For The Letter B 

(without bombing it, of course!) 

Bath Bombs

These bath bombs would make be great for gift ideas for the letter B.

Bath bombs are great for someone who likes to take a bath and these add another level of relaxation with the scents in the box!

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Bootie Slippers

Booties definitely make the gift ideas for the letter B list.

Bootie slippers are wonderful for wearing around the house to keep their feet warm and stylish!

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Blanket, plush

Blankets make a great gift so make sure to add those to your gift ideas for the letter b list.

Blankets can be an especially lovely gift to give in the colder months, and this one is plush which makes it even more cozy and full of warmth!

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Bread Machine

Bread is yummy and it starts with the letter b just like our gift ideas for the letter b list.

A bread machine may seem like an odd gift, but homemade bread is soft and tasty! They can whip up bread so much faster and easier! Chances are if they like making their own bread, they’re also frugal. We got you covered there too. 

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Baskets for Storage

Baskets are definitely great for gift ideas for the letter b.
Everyone needs storage solutions and these stylish gray storage baskets can also double as a nice gift!

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Bubble Bath Salts

Bubble bath salts definitely belong on a gift ideas for the letter b list.

These bubble bath salts are a wonderful way to help your friends relax and feel like a kid again!

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Boot Sneakers for Snow

Gift ideas for the letter b are sure to include boots!

Does your friend live in the snow? Get them these beautiful winter boot sneakers to wear, they look great and are practical too!

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Back Scratcher

A back scratcher helps those with all the scratches. Great idea for the gift ideas for the letter b.

Back scratchers are so handy for that itch on your back that you just can’t reach, almost anyone could use one! It might also double as a gag gift for that special friend who needs a laugh!

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Bangle Bracelet: “Faith sees the impossible”

This bangle bracelet with the quote “faith sees the impossible,” is so a great reminder to keep the faith and remember that anything is possible!

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Bookshelf with Organizer Cubes

Book shelves are a great fit for gift ideas for the letter b.

This unique bookshelf with organizer cubes is another practical gift, but also an adorable addition to your friend’s house.

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Gift ideas for the letter b wouldn't be complete without some baseballs.

Have a friend who loves to play baseball? Get them some baseballs!

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Baseball Display Case

Baseball cases match up with baseballs for gift ideas for the letter b.

For that friend who has an autographed baseball that is a prized possession, give them this baseball display case to put it in!

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Bunko Dice Game

Did someone say Bunco? What a great idea for the gift ideas for the letter b list.

Bunko is a popular game these days, so this is perfect for your friend who loves games!

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Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycles are pricey but Bicycle playing cards can be do able. Great for gift ideas for the letter b.

Bicycle playing cards have been around a long time. These classic cards are a nice, simple gift that can also be so much fun!

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“Bear Hugs” Shirt

Perfect for the huggers on your gift list, get them the “bear hugs” shirt to wear!

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Bald Eagle Print

Bald eagle art print

The bald eagle is a United States emblem, and this bald eagle print would be a fitting gift for your patriotic friends!

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Batman Movie

Bruce Wayne, Batman. They all start with the letter b so they are on the gift ideas for the letter b list.

Anyone who loves Batman would appreciate the Batman movie. Even if they’ve seen it before, it can be fun to watch again!

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Blow Dryer

Some say gag gift but we think a blow dryer might be a great fit for gift ideas for the letter b.

This might be another gag gift idea, buying someone a blow dryer as a gift.

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Basketball Logo Crew Socks

Basketball socks can make you feel like you're on the court anytime. Great for gift ideas for the letter b.

These basketball logo crew socks are a nice gift for the basketball lover on your list! So simple yet fun at the same time! Check out our guide here for more basketball ideas

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Bath Salts Gift Set

Bath salt set

Bath salts are great for relaxing baths and will help your friend pamper themselves from the comfort of their own home.

So, if you ever need a “B” gift, don’t hesitate to try some of these ideas! They are such fun ideas!

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