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Best Gift Ideas for a Pastor’s Husband

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If you are looking for a gift for a pastor’s husband, you have come to the right place. These are our best gift ideas for a Pastor’s husband. There are some that are practical, some that are humorous, and some that are just plain awesome. Which one do you think the pastor’s husband in your life wants the most?

Gift Ideas for a Pastor's Husband

Some of the Best Gift Ideas for a Pastor’s Husband

He’ll love these heartfelt gift ideas that celebrate everything he is to you. If you’re looking for a gift idea for a pastor’s wife, we’ve got you covered there too! 

Personalized Walnut and Bethlehem Olivewood Holy Cross Inlay Pen

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Help him feel inspired as he makes notes or does any other kinds of writing.

Personalized Padfolio

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He can keep his work, whether it is Bible work or work-work, organized in his very own personalized padfolio.

Personalized Metal Bookmark

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With this personalized metal bookmark, he can bookmark a place in his Bible or other book too.

Customized Leather Bible Cover

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His Bible will stay in great shape with a customized leather Bible cover.

“Pastor’s husband. I would suggest you not look so surprised.” Mustache Mug

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If he is tired of seeing the look of surprise on others’ faces when he tells them he is a pastor’s husband, this mug is for him.

“Be still and know that I am God” Aluminum Bookmark

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Another great choice for him to keep his favorite places in his Bible, or other books, one with an inspirational saying on it.

“He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord- Micah 5:4” Printable

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A scripture printable can be framed and hung up on his wall at home or in his office.

“Prayers go up, blessings come down” Wooden Engraved Plaque

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When people of faith pray, blessings often come down.

Wire Angel Ornament

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Angels watch over us, which means that the wire angel ornament means a lot. Even if Christmas isn’t the occasion for the gift, it is great for the holiday whenever it comes.

Rustic Leather Bound Journal 

Christian leather bound antique looking journal  

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This leather bound journal features a rustic and distinctive design on the outside. It even comes with a semi precious stone in the center, as well as a vintage lock. He can use it for journaling about daily sermons! 

Celluloid Christian Guitar Picks 

Christian message celluloid guitar picks  

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We love these guitar picks for the musical pastor’s husband! They feature positive messages, as well as heartwarming scenes. Inspire his rhythm with these celluloid picks. 

Wooden Faith Box Bible Holder 


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Celebrate his faith with this practical and decorative bible holder. It’s a great way to show him you’re thinking about him. It even has a special surprise built right in! An LED light displays the crosses on the wall in an inspiring scene. 

Vintage Man of God Mug 



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This retro looking Man of God mug is my personal favorite style! These desks mugs are perfect, since they have a wide base and a large handle. 

Olive Wood Lord’s Prayer Decor Cross


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He probably doesn’t need to reference the words of the Lord’s Prayer, but this gorgeous olive wood cross is a humble reminder that looks great anywhere. 

Personalized Knife for Pastors 


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This ornate knife is a perfect display gift for him! It comes personalized with his name, and a gorgeous presentation box. This is a perfect gift if he’s joining the priesthood as well. 

Leather Laptop Briefcase 


This beautiful bag is ideal for the pastor’s husband on the go! It has a wonderfully distinguished style, and makes the perfect practical gift. 

Pastor Funny Mug 


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This mug is the perfect gift if your husband has a good sense of humor! 

Praying Pastor Desk Statue 

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Give him a daily reminder he will always be proud of.

More Pastor’s Gift Ideas 

There are many great gifts for pastor’s husbands, and these are simply some of the best. He will enjoy whichever one you choose!

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