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The Floaties You Need to Rock This Summers’ Pool Parties

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Lounge around the pool in style this summer with these rad pool floaties for adults (that will make you feel like a kid again.)

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Deck out your pool with some stellar floaties, alongside The Best Accessories you can buy! 

The Floaties You Need to Rock This Summer


Donut Float

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Hungry for summer fun? Chill out with this pink frosted donut inflatable.

Diamond Ring Floatie

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If you like it then you should have put a pool floatie on it

9 INflatable Drink Holders

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For ultimate relaxation, put your beer in a floatie next to you #floatiegoals

Cactus Pool Inflatable

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Look sharp this summer chilling on this cactus float

Pineapple Float

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Be the pineapple of someone’s eye at the pool this summer

Unicorn Floatie

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If you’re chilling in this floatie, you might find a magical rainbow…or just get a nice tan.

Bacon Float

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Don’t go bacon my heart by missing out on this bacon pool float

Avocado Float and Beach Ball

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Relax on your uber hip avocado float and use the inflatable pit as a beach ball

Giant Pretzel Floatie

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Bring some cheese and a beer and you’re good to go with this giant pretzel pool float.

Taco Float

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Let’s taco ‘bout it

you need this floatie!

Inflate-a-bull Pool Float

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You never knew you needed an inflatable bull for your pool, did you? Well, you 100% do.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Float

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May the force be with you this summer

Margarita Floatie

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You can’t have a margarita by the pool wihtout this floatie…well, you can, but it won’t be nearly as fun

Golden Dragon Pool Float

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If you want to float like Khaleesi this summer, this float is your you, mother of dragons

Rose Floatie

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Another boozy float, this summer have rose all the way

Giant Shell Pool Float

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Embrace your inner mermaid and lounge in this giant shell float

Floating Beer Pong

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A party ain’t a party without floating beer!

Ice Cream Sandwich Float

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Escape the heat with this ice cream sandwich floatie!

Rubber Duck Pool Floatie

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Not only is this duck quackin’ fun, he comes with cup holders for your La Croix (or the adult beverage of your choice!)

Inflatable Volleyball Set

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This easily transportable inflatable volleyball set will keep you busy all summer.


Ready to rock the pool this summer?

See you there!

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