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20 Monthly Subscription Boxes That Make Incredible Gifts

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The best gift is the gift that keeps giving – and a subscription box is like giving a gift every month! Check out these cool subscription boxes to find the perfect gift for the friend who has everything.

20 monthly subscription boxes that make incredible gifts - This is perfect to keep in mind for birthday presents.


Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

1. Cookie of the Month, 3 Months –

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Sweets for your sweet! Everyone loves a good cookie, and everyone could appreciate 3 months of cookies.

2. Flower Bulb of the Month –

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This subscription box is perfect for your friend with the green thumb. Flower bulbs last longer than a bouquet, so get them flowers that will keep growing.

3. Organic Fruit and Snacks –

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For your friend who hugs trees. Organic fruit and snacks will make any health nut happy.

4. Jelly Bean Club –

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Give your friend a monthly sugar rush with a new flavor of jelly bean every month!

5. 6 Months of Fudge –

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Fudge is a gift from above and anyone you know will love this. Fudge is a true sign of friendship.

6. Tea of the Month –

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For your classy friend who always has their pinkies up. Go have a cuppa with your friend every month!

7. K-Cup Coffee Monthly –

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For the tech savvy coffee lover. People can never have enough k-cups!

8. Bean Sampler –

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For the old school coffee lover, coffee beans every month!

9. Italian Olive Oil Monthly –

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For the chef in your life. Or the Italian. Bon appetit either way!

10. 3 Months of Cheese –

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As long as your friend isn’t lactose intolerant, this is the perfect gift! Cheese is the word for love in any language.

11. Hot Sauce of the Month –

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12. Pear Club –

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Don’t we all have that one friend who’s obsessed with pears?

13. A Year of Candles –

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A perfect gift for Mom and/or Grandma! Get a new scented candle every month and always smell good!

14. 3 Months of Bacon –

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Bacon is a universal love language, so spread the love!

15. 3 Months of Strawberries –

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These are both a fruit and a dessert, so no one can complain. Beautiful berries that taste great are never a bad idea.

16. Jerky Monthly –

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3 months of beef jerky for your friend who enjoys hunting or road trips – those are the times when you eat beef jerky, right?

17. 6 Months of Jam –

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Homemade jam is my jam, let it be your friend’s as well.

18. A Year of Root Beer –

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Gift this to your friend who loves root beer and/or hates actual beer.

19. Danish Kringle of the Month –

Buy from Amazon

I’ve never heard of a Danish Kringle, but it looks yummy, so buy three months of them for a friend.

20. 3 Months of Chocolate –

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Need I say more?

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