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Weddings: What to Register for if You Have Everything

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It is a pretty common story these days to have a couple getting married that already has one or perhaps two households’ worth of stuff to combine.  They are left wondering to themselves, β€œwhat to register for if you have everything?”

Let’s take a stab at wedding registry ideas for couples who have everything already, shall we?

First off, in some places and cultures, not registering will result in cash gifts, which may be what you would like anyway.  However, for many, that won’t work, you’ll end up with six cut crystal picture frames and a collection of mismatched hand towels.

If you’re on the fence and don’t believe me, go read Why You Have to Register for Gifts if You’re Getting Married.

This guide is quite long, and even comes with a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups.  That’s what we’ve nicknamed this huge list of what to register for when you already have everything.

Click these to jump around:

What to Register for if You Have Everything

Now hang in there with me, I know that you will have some of the suggestions on this list already, but remember that not everyone else will, and one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to buying stuff!

[Photo – Creative Commons Attribution – Raymond Bryson]
Make a huge list with all your consumer hopes and dreams on it as a starting point, if you are really struggling to come up with things.

You may also find yourself needing to add more things to your wedding gift registry, perhaps after a bridal shower.  If you are feeling guilty about putting a $500 Vitamix blender on the list, put it on for now, you may find that you only have two very expensive things on your list at the end of the day.  That, or you may find that Great Aunt Berta comes out of the woodwork and offers to buy you a $1000 wedding gift that you never saw coming; trust me, it happens!

Use this as an opportunity to sort through your junk treasures.  Yes, I know that you’re busy and wedding planning takes up a lot of time, but consider using this as a respite from all of that.

Tackle one little piece per day, or per week.  Many people say they feel better when their homes are decluttered, so use that as motivation.

Step one is to go through your things and decide which ones you want to upgrade, even if you don’t think there is anything, you can probably find some things.  Just because you have perfectly fine towels you bought at Walmart a few years ago, doesn’t mean you can’t register for delightful, new, high end towels.  Just make sure to donate, repurpose or recycle as much as possible that you are upgrading – your camping gear will be happy with your old stuff!

Look at all of your kitchen utensils, for example, and count the melted spatulas.  Add two heat-resistant spatulas to your list and keep going.

Do you worry about your potato masher breaking when you use it?  Add one to the list, or add a Mashafancy potato masher doodad.  You can also use this as an opportunity to clean out your drawers and cupboards, just dump out the contents, wipe the drawer down, and evaluate the items as you put them back in.  Tomorrow evening, do another drawer or cupboard.

The kitchen is a pretty easy place to start, because each cupboard or drawer is a nice, contained, bite-sized chunk.  If you have mastered the kitchen, check out your front closet (shoe racks, nice hangers, cute storage bins, scarf racks), your linen closet, your sports or camping gear, your living room and if you’re feeling brave, under your bathroom sinks.

General Tips on What to Register for if You Have Everything

Keep your own Wants and Values in Mind – For example, do not bend to the pressure to register for formal china if you know that you will never use it.

Put Off Purchasing Things – If there are (non-wedding!) things that you want to buy between now and the wedding, if you can hold out, add them to your registry instead of purchasing them for yourself.

Ask for Small, High Value, Durable Items – If space is the reason you don’t want a three section croc-pot, stick to registering for smaller items that will last a lifetime, like silverware, watches, or a sterling silver menorah.

Ask for Lifestyle-fitting Gifts – Think about what you like to do with your time.  If you like going out to restaurants, ask for restaurant gift cards.  If you’re into artwork, pick out some pieces you would like to add to your collection.  You could ask for the moorage fees for your boat, wine of the month club membership, CSA food boxes, craft beer collections, bed and breakfast stays, you name it!

The Price Point Problem – You will still need a list that includes gift ideas at a variety of price points.  If you are really struggling, consider using a registry that lets people contribute toward certain items, so that you can get the new mattress set you truly need.

Shower Gifts – You can overcome this because other people are giving direction on gifts, not you.  Gift Card Showers, or date night kits are great gift themes to ask your host about.

Biggify – Ah, the fluidity of language which lets me write such things.  Does your George Foreman grill only work for one person, maybe two?  Biggify it and get another one.  Single-serve croc pot?  Biggify.  Small rice cooker?  Biggify.

Alternative Registries – There are now a boatload of alternative registries out there, where you can register for honeymoon activities and funds, house downpayments, local shops, portions of things, charities and more.

Wedding Stuff – There is a lot of etiquette information available on this online, and tread carefully, but if you have friends who would do you favours, offer their services or lend a hand for your wedding, ask if they would be willing to do so, in lieu of a gift; for example, lending you their big tent, doing the flower arranging, chauffeuring your elderly relatives around town, acting as DJ, decorating the cake, etc.  They do not necessarily have to be professional things that they do, but services you may end up paying someone else to perform.

What to Register for if You Have Everything

ListAt this point, you should be armed with a list of your consumer wants and dreams, what you discovered while doing a walk through of your house, and what you decided could be chucked while cleaning and sorting through your house.

What does the list look like? I hope you found more than ten things!  That’s your starting point.

Now, here is a big idea list, along with some commentary, of registry ideas.

Be creative, and remember that one size does not fit all!

Use these ideas as a springboard to more, and please share your ideas in the comments, they will help even more people out.  Please do read the whole list, as putting things into categories proved to be a bit tricky!

(Feel free to click on the links to see some ideas, virtually all of them are affiliate links to Amazon. That means that I get a smidgen of cash should you choose to buy anything, at absolutely no cost to you, aka a way to justify to myself spending hours upon hours coming up with this list!) 

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Wedding Registry Tips | Household Goods & Appliances | Wedding Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Household Goods & Appliances

Garment Steamer

Good Iron

Deep Freezer, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave

Wine Fridge

meat smoker



Underground Sprinkler System

Garage Storage System

Gun Safe

Exercise Equipment – Weight Set, Treadmill, Shake Weight (obviously)


Outdoor Garbage Cans, Indoor Garbage Cans, Recycling Centers

Air Conditioner

Wall Clock

Key Rack

Wooden Hangers, or those No Slip Hangers


Storage Stuff – think the Container Store, IKEA, under your bed, at the top of your closet, in your kitchen cupboards, in your garage, etc!


Safe – also consider fireproof-ness

Filing Cabinet

Laser Printer,Photo Printer, or a Large Format Printer

Area Rugs

Air Purifier

Air Conditioner


Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Wedding Registry Checklist & Tips | Wedding Gifts for Men | Tools & Outdoor Goods to Register For

Tools and Such

Cordless Drill – everyone should have one, seriously. My favourite are the yellow ones (Dewalt).

Shop Vacuum


Table Saw, Miter Saw, Tile Saw

Power Tool Set

Air Tools

Tool Box or Tool Chest

Hand Tool Set – hammers and screwdrivers and whatnot

Window coverings – Drapes, Curtains, Blinds, Shutters

Sterling Silver Place Settings

Extension Cords – good ones are pricey, especially winter plug-in-the-car types

Rope, Winches, Bungee Cords

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Wedding Registry Ideas for House Purchases | Upgrade Your House with a Home Depot Registry

Upgrade your House

New Door Handles – what about a Keypad Front Door Lock?

New Flooring

Kitchen Faucet

Paint store credit

Light Fixtures

Sinks and Vanities

Mirrors, Drawer Pulls


Gas Fireplace Insert

Bathtubs, you name it!

Nest Thermostat

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

The True Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist with Free Printable List

Linens and Whatnot

Bath Robes

New Duvet and Duvet Cover – what about your guest room?

New Pillows

New Sheets

New Towels

Beach Towels

Throw Blankets

Bath Mats

Lint Roller

Laundry Drying Rack

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Wedding Gift Registry Hacks | Things to Put on my Registry when I already have everything! | KitchenAid Has to Happen! Also a Vitamix!

Kitchen Appliances & Expensive Items

Vitamix Blender

Excalibur Dehydrator

New Dishes and Silverware



Stand Mixer and Attachments (there`s so many)!

Pots and Pans

Pot Rack

Good Knives & a Knife Block

Knife Sharpener

Fondue Pot or Raclette

Food Processor

Enameled Cast Iron (Le Creuset, Staub and Lodge)

Kettle, Toaster,Toaster Oven, Coffee Maker

Espresso Maker – what about a Stovetop Espresso Maker?

Coffee Grinder – a good grinder can run several hundred dollars

Keurig, Tassimo, the racks to hold the pucks, etc.


Griddler – one, multi-purpose appliance

Crock Pot, Rice Cooker, Blender, Waffle Maker, Deep Fryer, Ice Cream Maker, Panini Press, George Foreman Grill, Creme Brulee Torch

Under Sink Slide Out Cabinet

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Fun Kitchen Gadgets to Put on my Wedding Registry List | Modern Gift Ideas to Register for

Kitchen Smaller Stuff

Cookbook Collection

Spice Collection – think harder to find or more interesting, like Saffron, or Pink Peppercorns

Things that save space – Collapsible Colanders, Storage Racks, Cupboard Organizers, Nesting Bowl Sets

Specialty cookware – Wok, Cast Iron Pans (there is a huge variety, including Bacon Presses, Muffin Tins, Loaf Pans and more), Stock Pot, Tagine, Clay Baker, Griddle, Pizza Stone

Mortar and Pestle


Individual Casserole Dishes

Tupperware, Pantry Storage, Chip Clips

Good Steak Knives

Specific region or purpose culinary gadgets – ie Bamboo Steamers, Sushi Mats, Indian Serving Dishes, Lobster and Crab Tools, Egg Cups, Cookie Cutters, Crumpet Rings, Tava Pan, Yogurt Maker, Pudding Basin, Potato Ricer, Halogen OvenCookie Press, Gnocchi Board, Crepe Pan, Sprouting Tower, Burger Press, Juicer, Spiralizer, Pasta Roller, Cake Pop Maker, Bento Molds, Ravioli Mold, Cheese Strainer, Cheese Mold, French Onion Soup Bowls, Pierogi Mold

Pressure Cooker, Pressure Canner

Good Chopsticks – upgrade from the leftover-from-takeout variety!

Tasting Set

Table Cloths, Napkins, Placemats, Napkin Holder, Napkin Rings, Table Runners

Candle Holders

Outdoor Serving Ware, Glasses, Dishes

Pottery – Serving Ware, Dishes, Display Pieces

Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Canning EquipmentMason Jars, Canner, Starter Kit

Cupcake stuff – Trees, Tins, Silicone Liners, Festive Liners, Carrying Case

Reusable Produce Bags

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Expensive Wedding Gifts to Register For | How to get things I actually want as wedding gifts


Patio Furniture

Mattress, Bed and Bedroom Set

Tables – Dining Room, End Tables, Coffee Tables

Couches or Recliners

Bar Stools

Book Cases

TV Stand

Entertainment Center

Shelving Units – Don’t forget big storage bins to go on the shelves, or storage bins for under your bed

Closet Organizers – premade, or the stuff to make what you need from the hardware store

Shoe Racks


Office Desk and Chair

Wine Rack


Fan – what about a Dyson air blade?

Bar Cart

Tea Trolley

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Fun things to put on a wedding registry list | Sports gear for outdoor enthusiast weddings

Sporting and Outdoors

Bicycles! – Also bike trainers, bike repair stands, bike stands, panniers, bike car racks

Camping gear – tents, stoves, sleeping bags, mattress pads, water purifier, backpacks


Cross Country Skis (or downhill)

Ski or Bike Lift Tickets or Seasons Passes

A canoe and paddles (or kayaks)

Stand-Up Paddleboard

Snorkeling Gear – especially if you could use it on your honeymoon!


Golf Clubs

Green Fees (games or seasons, buckets of balls)

Gardening stuff – seeds, tools, soil, fertilizer, pots, bulbs, watering cans

Thule bins or racks

Beach Umbrella and Chairs

Propane Tank


Basically anything at REI or MEC

Garden Hose, Sprinkler Heads, Hose Reels

Croquet Set, Bocce

Bird Feeder

Outdoor Fountain


Shrubs and such – A yard of cedar mulch, mature trees, a gazebo, flowering bushes

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Creative Wedding Gifts that We Really Want | What to register for when you already have everything


Sewing Machine


Scrapbooking/craft supplies – Silhouette Cameo, Cricut, Scrapbooks, printing credit, Cartridges

Chest Waders & Fishing Gear

Boating Toys – Tubes, Water Skis, Kneeboard, Wakeboard, Surfboard

Dock Cleats – Especially the ones that collapse flat

Brewing Equipment

Art Easel

Guitar– and/or Accessories

Range-finder – Golf or Hunting

Spotting Scope


Skeet Launcher

Note Card Set – blank note cards for a whole heap of occasions

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

How to include pets in our wedding | Dog wedding gifts | What to register for when we already live together


Dog Beds and Dog Crates

Underground Dog Fence

Cat Carrier

Fish Tanks

General pet-related durable goods

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Experience wedding gifts to put on our wedding registry list | Fun items to register for

Consumables and Tickets

β€œ_____ of the Month Clubs” – Wine, Steak, Cheese, Spice, Coffee, etc.

Start a wine cellar (and include some bubbly!)

Start a scotch collection

Start a cigar collection (and pick up a humidor)

Car wash gift certificates

Theatre tickets, attraction tickets, gym memberships – read this post for lots of ticket ideas!

Coffee, tea, k-cups, condiments, pantry restocking stuff

Gift Wrap Kit

Cleaning Supplies – how awesome would it be to not have to buy toilet bowl cleaner for a year?

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

What to register for when I already have everything I want | Original and Unique Wedding Registry tips

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Board Games – do you own Cards Against Humanity yet?

Start a book library

Gaming systems

Surround Sound System

Outdoor Speakers, Waterproof Docking Station

Weather Station

Digital Picture Frame

Car Accessories – chair covers, DVD players and the like

Lessons – cooking, yoga, art, sword making, pottery, jewelry making, sailing, massage, etc!

Tours of your own town

Guidebook for your honeymoon destination

Photobook gift cards – for the wedding and for your honeymoon

Photo album – if you plan to make your wedding album yourself, put on the specific one you want.

Library membership

Date night kits or suggestions

Luggage– Messenger Bags, Briefcases, Laptop Bags, Toiletry Bags

Camera(s) – DSLR, Waterproof Camera

Kindle book library

Winery membership

State/Provincial/National park pass

Cooler – you can get them with wheels, or ones that plug into walls/cars to stay cold!

Bar Set – Ice Bucket, Martini Set, Beer-specific Glasses, Decanter, Good Corkscrew

First Aid Kits – Car Emergency Kit, House First Aid Kit, Hiking First Aid Kit, Travel

Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Electric Toothbrushes – nice ones are pricey!


Tailgating Gear – Portable Grill, Chairs

Collector items – are you both Star Wars fanatics?  Do you have a collection that could rival the Big Bang Theory?  Add to it, if you will love it. Chances are your equally-obsessed friends will jump all over these items, while your Uncle remains extremely perplexed.

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

Wedding Registry Tips for Older Couples | Wedding Registry Free Printable Checklist

Seasonal and/or Religious

Snow Blower

Snow Shovel

Lawn Mower

Hedge Trimmer, Leaf Blower, Pruners

Rake, Shovel, Broom

Christmas Tree, Lights, Decorations, Christmas Tree Stand, Christmas Tree Skirt, Angel


Seder Plate

Car Tires, or one of those nifty car tire storage racks for your garage!

Fireplace Tools, Axe (no, not the body spray!)

Burial plot – totally weird suggestion, I know, but useful.

Get a FREE Printable Registry Checklist for Grown Ups

The ABSOLUTE BEST Wedding Registry Ideas ever | Bring on the housekeeping! | Wedding Registry tips & tricks

Services and Subscriptions

Lawn care

Pool care

Cleaning service

Car detailing

Snow Shoveling

Window Washing

Furnace Tune-up

Baby sitting

Will writing – you likely need a new one, now that you’re getting married.

Fee-for-service Financial Adviser

Income Tax accountant

Netflix or similar subscription

Amazon Prime membership

Car Share membership

Bixi Bike Membership, etc.

Magazine Subscriptions

Race and event entry fees

Photographer credit – for your photo album

Whew! That was a lot of ideas – Get the printable checklist

10 Printable Pages of Wedding Registry Ideas

It turns out that there are nine, yes NINE entire pages of ideas.  Three columns wide, even.

We threw in some places for you to add your own, too.  You can use this checklist to keep track of things that you want, how many, and when you have added it to a registry.

When Great Aunt Betty goes and buys every single piece of china, you’ll be ready with your B list gifts, and can tick off when you’ve added them.

If you want to read more on this topic, Apartment Therapy has an article titled Creating a Wedding Registry- Tips for Couples Already Living Together and I have to give a big hat tip to the forum members at Ask MetaFilter for their insightful discussion as well.

Please, please add your suggestions into the comments!  Other lovely folks on the internet will love you and send you good karma for your ideas!

What to Register for When You Already Have Everything | Wedding Registry Checklist | Modern Wedding Gifts | Tips for what to add to my wedding registry | Free Printable List | Fun wedding registry ideas | Items you won't think to register for | Must have wedding registry guide | The only list you need!

23 thoughts on “Weddings: What to Register for if You Have Everything”

  1. I do like the idea of movie tickets or memberships. But also remember that you can go selfless. I had a pair of friends who were pretty financially comfortable and had lots of things. So they asked people to make donations to charity. I'm sure they still got gifts, but I thought it was pretty cool.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Definitely, I can't believe I forgot that, thank you so much!

  2. Amanda @ My Life, I Guess

    Friends of mine asked for cash-only to use towards a honeymoon and a new house. It worked out pretty well for them – except someone stole a bunch of cards with cash/cheques inside :(

    Can I put a new laptop on my registry? Or is that a no-no?
    My recent post Competing With Students for a Summer Job

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Ya, you can do that. Some people won't like it… but no matter what you do, someone will be upset, so just roll with it.
      That SUPER sucks with the cards… I've heard that story way too many times. it's one of the reasons I advocate for email money transfers, and for cheques, you can always put a stop payment on a cheque if you have to.
      Make sure to have a designate to clear out the card box, and make one that you can't just grab stuff out of super easily.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      I don't know how those people live… wine racks are a key piece of furniture… unless maybe you're okay with cases sitting around ;-)

  3. My cousin and his wife set up a honeymoon website where there were prices for everything on their two week European vacation. So for example it listed…

    Paris hotel (2) – $150
    Paris restaurant (3) – $100
    Wine tour – $250
    Car rental to Nice – $200

    It was an online registry and then you could send the corresponding funds that went through paypal. I know it's still the money issue that many people don't like, but it seems more tangible that cash in a card. I liked that idea. :)

    That being said I would use my registry as a way to upgrade things, because we're still living half like broke students. I'd like a bed frame at some point!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      You can join the ranks of the adults thanks to gifts!
      I like how that's tangible, too. It sounds like they had lots of details in theirs, too, not just "dinner out" and "massages."

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Nice, having people help makes such a difference.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Trip tickets and hotel stays? Sign me up! That's a great one.

  4. I've heard great things about honeymoon registries, but we didn't use one. We're doing a few signature cocktails by donation to the honeymoon instead. Even though we've lived together for 6 years almost, we have been quite.. frugal when it comes to buying stuff for the house and there is a lot that we don't have. For instance, we still have my mom's dishes from circa 1992 (I remember them clearly when I was a kid, so they must be from the 1980s!) so we're taking the wedding as an opportunity to get stuff that we love.
    My recent post Benefit from My Financial Mistakes

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      That's an interesting idea, connecting the drinks to the honeymoon. I like it!
      You'll have lots of choices for shiney new things!!

  5. Lots of good ideas that people wouldn't even think of for themselves. It's so much better because you can get people what they want and need. I tend to give cash these days. I know it's lame but so hard to know what to get, especially since I'm moving towards minimalism and think everyone else should be too. eeeek!
    My recent post Worth It Wednesday – Can a Marriage Survive a Debt Crisis?

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Cash is king! It is absolutely the best gift for most people. :-)
      Thanks for pinning, too!

  6. Hi, Anne, very helpful article. Registering for wedding gifts is such an efficient method. The sports and outdoor section of your analysis attracts me.

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