10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Mom This Christmas

10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Mom This Christmas

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Trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gift idea for your mom? It’s probably not a great idea to go with the first thing you see. Here are 10 things you should absolutely not buy your mom this Christmas to help get you on track.

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10 Things You Should Absolutely Not Buy Your Mom This Christmas

After everything she’s done for you, your mom deserves a wonderful, thoughtful Christmas gift idea. If you planned on getting any of these “don’t” gifts, don’t fret – there are alternatives that mom will love.

Don’t: Get mom candles

Unless mom is super into candles, don’t pick this generic gift for her. Do you even know what scents she likes?

Try instead: Give mom an aromatherapy set

If you want to treat mom to nice scents that she’ll actually enjoy, opt for something that’s a little bit more customizable. A set like this includes the diffuser, and a bunch of essential oils mom can mix and match for a lovely smelling home.

Don’t: Get mom a generic bath gift basket

The only time you should ever give someone a gift basket like this is if it’s a brand you know they use or they’re super into bath stuff. If you don’t know exactly what she’d choose, then don’t get it. Besides, if mom wants something for the bath, chances are she’s already gone out and bought it herself.

Try instead: A trip to the spa

If you really want mom to relax, she needs more than just a hot bath. Pay for mom to take a trip to the spa and actually take time for herself. If you think she might enjoy your company, then it would be great for you to join her!

Don’t: Gift mom a tacky photo frame

If you wouldn’t put it in your house, don’t ask her to put it in yours. If you give her a photo frame with a picture inside, you’ll leave her no choice but to display it even if she hates the frame.

Try instead: A digital photo frame

Now be careful with this one. When picking a digital photo frame for mom, make sure to choose something that looks nice and fits in with her decor. If you think mom will never update it, or you live far away, buy one that has wifi. That way, you can send photos right to her frame for her to enjoy.

Don’t: Give mom generic personalized stuff

Seriously, if you’re buying something for mom just because it says mom on it now is the time to stop. A lot of the time, the generic personalized stuff you find isn’t the best quality, so really, you’re just paying for those words.

Try instead: Give her something she can actually use

If, for example, you see a cutting board that says “mom” on it and think “gee mom really does need a new cutting board,” then get your butt to the store and get mom the best gosh darn cutting board you can find. When shopping for practical gifts, think about what will make your mom’s life better. But be careful – don’t get too practical, and never ever gift cleaning supplies.

Don’t: Give mom cleaning supplies

I wish I were making this up, but my dad bought my mom a broom for Christmas one year. A broom. Spoilers: the marriage didn’t last. Don’t get mom cleaning supplies even if they’re amazing, make her life better, etc. Give her one. Gosh. Darn. Day. Where she doesn’t have to think about chores.

Try instead: Something fun

You might have thought about a cleaning service as an alternative. That’s another NO. Mom deserves some Christmas gifts that are for her, not something that implies cleaning for her is favor. But do hire the service as well, not as a Christmas gift, but just because she’s your mom. Meanwhile, buy mom something fun. You know her interests and personality, so pick something you think she’d like.

Don’t: Get mom clothes

Unless you’re shopping for your wife that you know well or buying something that’s a specialty or specifically requested, mom doesn’t want the clothes you pick out. Did you know clothes are the most returned Christmas gift? Yep, don’t help that statistic.

Try instead: Accessories you know she’ll love

Everyone’s different, so it’s hard to narrow down a specific accessory here. My mom, for example, loves to wear scarves, and I know of some she’s been eyeing off. Whether it’s jewelry, purses, scarves, or something else, look at what your mom wears and try and pick something you think she’ll enjoy. Unlike clothes, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size.

Don’t: Gift mom jewelry gift sets

You always see these things pop up around the holidays. These gift sets are usually coordinated, which I guess is nice if you don’t know anything about your mom and want to give something completely generic and thoughtless.

Try instead: Something sentimental

Rather than a cheap jewelry set, give mom something sentimental for Christmas that she’ll actually like. You want to look for two things: 1. A design she’ll actually like and wear and 2. Nice message or personalization. Kids’ names are always a win with moms.

Don’t: “Funny” clothing

Unless you know, mom will love it and actually use it. Don’t waste your money on overpriced novelty products.

Try instead: Funny bestselling books

Depending on the stage of life, mom is in do your research and find the best comedy “mom” book for her. She can get her to read on, have some laughs, and if she hates it all she has to do is pretend to read it and pass it on to someone else

Don’t: Wine glasses (novelty or otherwise)

First of all, if mom drinks wine, chances are she already has wine glasses. Secondly, unless she specifically asks for them, if she doesn’t have them, she either is fine or will pick out ones she likes. Wine glasses are personal like that. While we’re at it, don’t get mom a “funny” novelty stemless wine tumbler unless you really think she’d love it and use it.

Try instead: A bottle of wine

If mom is a wine drinker, get her a bottle of her favorite. If you don’t know, ask family members. You want to give mom something she’ll love, not a generic gift. If she doesn’t like wine, just get a bottle of whatever she drinks! You have my permission to dress the bottle up in a tacky Christmas outfit, though. Life can’t always be serious.

Don’t: Make your presence the present

Seriously. We’re usually talking about the woman who raised you here! You better get that rockstar an amazing gift for keeping you alive.

Try instead: A calming journal

Help mom cope with the stress of dealing with you by giving her some kind of relaxation or gratitude journal. You know mom best, so consider if she’d prefer something funny, religious, spiritual, etc. when choosing the perfect journal for mom.

Hopefully, you now know what things you should absolutely not buy your mom this Christmas. So what are you going to buy for your mom this year?

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