Engagement Gifts for Men – Part II

Engagement Gifts for Men


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Are you looking for an engagement gift idea?  Check out Engagement Gifts Part I for more ideas.  This post is just engagement gifts for him… they can often be tricky!  It is common to purchase a long lasting wardrobe staple as a gift, as you’ll notice from this list of ideas.  This list is mostly traditional engagement gifts for men, stay tuned each Friday in November for more ideas, some modern and some traditional!

A Watch

A nice watch has become the default and standard male engagement gift, I looked up the history of engagement watches and found that they stem from Napoleon!  Watches come in a very large range of prices, so you have flexibility to spend as much or as little as you would like.  When I asked for a price, I was told that a white gold Rolex would be $30,000.  Suffice it to say, my spouse does not own one!  After a lot of research and asking friends, we settled on a make and model together.  Next, it was my job to find the best possible price.  There were a few websites that came close, but in the end we went with a watch from Amazon, as it was retailing for substantially less than anywhere else.

A Wallet

How about a very nice leather (or vegan friendly if you prefer) wallet?  You can even get them stamped or engraved. To browse a large selection, try Amazon here or this Etsy search for something a bit more unique.  For another variation, you could get a money clip (and then joke about how much the wedding will cost!).

Engraved Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a moderately common gift for groomsmen, or perhaps your spouse already owns a monogrammed pair.  If you think that your spouse-to-be will use cufflinks, at the very least on his wedding day, this is a great gift.  My spouse purchased engraved silver cufflinks for the wedding party members from Etsy seller Random Jewels.  Good cufflinks are something that can last a lifetime.  Alternatively, there is a large selection of engraved cufflinks on Amazon.

A Pen

Most commonly a graduation gift, a very good pen is something that may be pressed into service for the wedding, as in the case of cufflinks.  You should be able to pick one up at a local jeweler, online or at a large stationary store.  You can also have pens engraved.

A Suit

A little bit out there, but a suit is something that many men wear at various points in life that lasts for a long time.  If your groom wants to be married in a suit, it may be a very worthwhile to purchase one outright for all of those suit occasions in the future.

An Heirloom

Is there a pocket watch in your family?  A ring?  A family crest?  A family crest ring?   Using an heirloom as an engagement gift is a meaningful way to welcome your fiance as a permanent part of your family.

A Decanter

Does your fiance enjoy a good bottle of scotch?  A good bottle of wine?  If so, purchase a nice decanter.  Crystal decanters can be engraved, if you would like.  Alternatively, you could get a name plaque to hang around the neck of the decanter.  If you spring for a decanter, add in something to go inside!

A Rifle

This one is out of left field and definitely brings up “shotgun wedding” jokes, however it definitely meets the criteria of long lasting!  Ensure you are abiding by all of the laws where you live.  Did you know you can even get guns engraved?


Click here for Engagement Gift Ideas for Everyone II Engagement Gifts for Men III Engagement Gift Ideas for Gals and Guys IV More Engagement Gift Ideas for Men V Engagement Gift Ideas for Ladies VI Card Set Engagement Gifts

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  1. I got Bob a watch for our engagement, but didn't realize it was such a long standing tradition! The best part is that the engraving was done incorrectly and is now a joke…it was suppose to be a scrolly "Love you Always, Jess". But turned into a 'yelling' sans serif "LOVE YOU ALWAYS JESS" which we joke about now.

  2. Mary@Back to the Bas says:

    Thank you for leaving a nice comment. My Eco-Friendly Gift Giving series has finally begun!

    You can check it out here: http://back2basichealth.blogspot.com/2012/11/eco-

  3. Lots of great ideas here as engagement gifts can be tricky as you really want someone to get use out of the gift. Mr.CBB

  4. Men are so hard to shop for something. I stick to my tried and true of method of cologne and watches.

  5. I like the idea of a watch. Lots of people give pocket knives in our area as well. Never know when you might need to cut something up I guess.

  6. He would love a rifle. I don't think I'd buy it for him tho lol

    • Hahaha – ya. I've actually seen a lot of people talk about rifles as engagement or wedding gifts for their spouses on wedding forums. I thought I'd toss it in for a bit of a curve ball!

  7. I like those ideas. I know Brian would love to get a watch or a nice decanter. Maybe not so much a rifle, but he might change his mind once the zombie apocalypse sets in.

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