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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Girl

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Are you looking for an inspiring birthday gift for a 6 year old girl? Instead of just choosing a gift that’s just fun to play with, choose one that’s fun, educational and inspiring! A STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) gift ticks all 3 of these boxes so we’ve put together this to help you choose the perfect one for a 6 year old girl.

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Girl

Science On A Garden Adventure

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Know a 6 year old girl who loves animals? She’ll enjoy hunting for wildlife, big and small, in her own backyard with this awesome young scientist’s club kit.


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Lego is a seriously fun way to help girls to develop those important STEM skills. They’ll develop their creativity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they design and construct their imaginative Lego models.

Sprout n Grow Greenhouses – Sunflowers

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These Sprout n Grow Sunflowers are a brilliant way to spark a 6 year old girl’s interest in botany. She’ll love planting the sunflower seeds and watching them grow to incredible heights!

Robot Mouse Activity Set

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If you give this Robot Mouse Activity Set to a 6 year old girl, you’ll know that you’ll be inspiring her future. She’ll have so much fun programming the cute mouse that coding will become her thing!

Talking Microscope

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Start off their at-home science lab with this colorful talking microscope! Girls will be able to get up close to bugs and learn some fascinating facts about them. This gift is a great way to start them off on a journey of scientific exploration.

Human Body Kit

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Inspire a future doctor with this human body kit! This kit will teach girls the human body basics through fun, easy-to-follow experiments.

Picasso Tiles

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Designed by two female engineers to empower young girls, this toy helps girls to develop their STEM skills. They’ll have so much fun designing their own house with moving parts that they won’t realise they’re learning at all!

Little Colorful Science

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This kit is full of awesome experiments. Girls will love making their own colorful sidewalk chalk and separating colors. It’s sure to spark an interest in chemistry!

Marble Run

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Marble run is such a fun way to get girls to start creating their own structures and learning basic engineering skills. You can’t beat the satisfaction of watching the marble run down it either!

Math Mat

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Ignite a love of maths! Girls will love playing the six fun challenges and jumping around on this unique maths mat.

Space Kit

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Start the countdown to the launch of her scientific career! This kit will give girls hours of fun as they create constellations and decorate their bedroom with glow in the dark planets.

Ladybug Hatching Kit

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Any animal-mad 6 year old girl will be happy to receive this Ladybug Hatching Kit. She’ll really enjoy looking after the ladybugs until they hatch, before setting them free to go and have their own adventures in the wild!

Circuit Beats

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This Circuit Beats board will inspire girls with the magic of technology. It’ll turn any object into a musical instrument that they can play! Plus it comes with cute cat ear shaped headphones.

Math Slam

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This is a super fun game that really shows kids that maths is fun. Girls will enjoy quizzing themselves with the maths questions and hitting the colorful buttons as quickly as they can.

Makey Makey Go

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Makey Makey Go might look small but it is a seriously cool gift. Girls will be able to use it to turn anything they like into a touchpad for their laptop. It can grow with them too as the more skilled they get, the more amazing inventions they can make.

Power Clix

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Teach that 6 year old girl some engineering skills with this unique building block set. The pieces are inspired by nature and just snap together magnetically. This gift is a great way to develop her creativity!

Project Mc2 Experiments with Dolls

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If the 6 year old girl that you know really likes dolls, get her this scientific one! Not only will she get a stylish doll who loves science, she’ll get the chance to become a scientist herself!

Botany Greenhouse Science Kit

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This Botany Greenhouse Science Kit will teach girls the science behind plants. They’ll learn about the different parts of plants, what plants need to grow and will create their very own flower garden.

Dive into Shapes

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This sea-themed kit is a great introduction to geometry! Girls will be creating their own 2D and 2D underwater structures in next to no time.

Tasty Science

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Cupcakes, candy and cookies will make this tasty science kit an instant hit for any 6 year old girl with a sweet tooth!

Which of these fun birthday gifts are you going to buy to inspire and educate the 6 year old girl that you know? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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