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These videos are so awesome! I can't wait to make all of my gifts picture perfect with these wrapping ideas.

10 Videos That Show You How to Wrap Perfect Presents

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The idea behind wrapping gifts is to build the anticipation and curiosity of the recipient. If gifts are just presented without wrapping that would kill the fun part of surprising the recipient.

We all want to wrap gifts skillfully but sometimes we lack the knowledge. There are many ways of wrapping gifts out there, some take minimal time while others may take more time. The following are 10 videos that show different ways of wrapping gifts, no matter how large or awkwardly shaped they may be.

10 Videos that Show You How to Wrap Perfect Presents

1. Gift Wrapping Hacks

This video shows two hacks. The first one is to wrap your gifts in 15 seconds, a very simple method. The second one is more detailed and the result is awesome.

2. Cute DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Did you know you can use what you have in the house to wrap gifts? Well, this video shows you how to do that.


3. 8 Creative Ideas to Wrap a Present


With eight different techniques you will be spoilt for choice. Watch this video to learn about eight gift wrapping ideas.


4. Japanese Gift Wrapping – Kimono Style


Wrap your gifts the Japanese way. The video shows the Kimono style with a heart shaped message. This will be an excellent style for a gift meant for a loved one.


5. Peacock Style Gift Wrapping


The peacock style design where you only need decorative paper and ribbon.


6. Fun, Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


Have fun when wrapping your gifts with these creative ideas.


7. How to Wrap your Gifts like a Pro


Wrap your gifts like a pro using ribbons and trims.


8. How to Wrap the Perfect Present – The Bow


Learn how to make the big beautiful bow when wrapping your gifts.


9.Holiday Gift Wrapping Fancy Stripes



Create a stripe design by using different color papers by following the steps on this video.

10. How to Gift Wrap Clothes



In this video you learn how to perfectly wrap clothes or any other soft item.

With the list above you can never go wrong when wrapping that perfect present.

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