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20 Expensive Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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Boyfriends are great. They are always there for us and protect us. But, when it comes to the holidays, expensive Christmas gifts for your boyfriend are what’s called for.

Expensive Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

So, here are 20 lavish and expensive gifts to get the man in your life. Don’t tell your credit card we didn’t warn you. 


Make Your List With Expensive Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend 

And check it twice, these gifts are that nice. 

A Rolex Watch

Now obviously, this gift is a far reach but there are cheaper options for Rolex watches and no matter what the cost, your man will be over the moon about this.

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Nice Cologne

This is a gift for both of you! He will be smelling nice and you get to smell him smelling a nice. A win-win.

This expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend is actually for both of you.

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A Versace Wallet

Nothing better than looking extra rich when pulling out your wallet! A designer wallet is the way to go to make your man feel like he’s on top of the world.

This expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend helps him stay in style.

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Anything Polo

Make sure your man is looking good by buying him designer clothes. Add these clothes with cologne and a new wallet, and you might have a ring on your finger soon.

This expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend keeps him in style.

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A Drone

A drone is a fun gift for everyone. Who doesn’t love flying objects through the air? And apparently, there are competitions for this now – making drones even more legit.

This expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend can help get him into mischief!

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A Remote Control Car

You may not be able to afford a real Ferrari for your boyfriend, but the next best thing is a smaller, remote control one!

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A Video Game System

This is a go-to gift. Most boys love video games and even if they don’t need a new system, they will still love it to death. We have some board games for gamers if that’s more your speed. 

Expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend include this x-box.

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A Mac Book

Mac Books are a great way to boost your man’s productivity. With this, they will feel empowered to get off their new video game system and get some work done!

This Mac is what expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend are made of.

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DSLR Camera

Help your man take up a new hobby with a DSLR camera! This way you both can get out and do something fun, and you can get some awesome pictures of yourself. Here are some ideas for stocking stuffers

This expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend is great if he loves photography.

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Outdoor Gear

If your man is outdoorsy, there is nothing better than getting some gear to keep him going.

Expensive Christmas gifts for your boyfriend include this comfy jacket.

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A Golf Set

Even if your boyfriend isn’t into golfing, this could be another new hobby to take up! It gets him outside and maybe get him to bond with your dad. (The horror!!)

Expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend include golf clubs!

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A Pool Table

What better way to enhance a bachelor pad but with a pool table?! One of these and your boyfriend and all his friends will love you.

This table is great for expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

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Most all guys love music, so an iHome is a great way for him to enjoy it even more. Plus, this double as an alarm clock!

An iHome is perfect for expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

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Nice Cuff Links

For those nights you both hit the town, you want to make sure your guy is looking sharp! What better way to do that than with gold cuff links!

This expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend will never go out of style.

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Grab him a nice guitar he can use to write you some heart melting melodies with! 

Remote Control Car 

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Help him re live some childhood memories with this awesome luxurious off-road capable remote control car. 

Balmain Jacket

If you’re really wanting to make your man look good, grab a design jacket for him. He’ll definitely turn heads in this one!

A cool jacket is definitely expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

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Expensive Decanter

Liquor is the way to a man’s heart. What better way to spoil him than with a collectable bottle!

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A Cigar Box

To go with the liquor, add in some cigars for a fun and classy night.

A good cigar is perfect for expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

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All-In-One Shaving Kit

Shaving can be expensive for men. So, help your man out by getting him this all-in-one shaving kit to cut out those costs.

Keep his beard looking good with this expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

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Virtual Reality Gear

Bored on a Friday night? Put these virtual reality goggles and you’re in for a fun night.

Expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend include ones like this!

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A Fit Bit

To get you man active, get him a Fit Bit! It’s a fun way to track their heart rate and steps for the day and make them more aware of how much they are (or aren’t) moving.

Keep him shape with this expensive christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

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Get your boyfriend any of these gifts, and the repercussions will come rolling in!

Canada Goose Jacket

Canada Goose winter jacket warmest outerwear expensive jacket

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You don’t want your boyfriend to be cold, do you? A Canada Goose jacket is the top of the line when it comes to outerwear. He’ll stay warm and look stylish if he’s someone with expensive taste.

Custom Etched Decanter

Custom etched decanter gift for him

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If your boyfriend likes to drink, a decanter is a nice addition to his home bar. This one is custom etched with a design of your choice for a personalized touch.

Wireless Headphones

pair of wireless headphones gift idea

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A great pair of wireless headphones makes all the difference in the life of someone who uses them daily. Sure, a good quality pair is expensive, but your boyfriend is worth it the extra splurge.


Ray ban sunglasses expensive apparel accessory gift for him

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When you think of expensive sunglasses, you think Ray-Bans. Not only are sunglasses a practical gift idea that your boyfriend will probably use every day, he’ll also look super stylish when you go out together so it’s kind of a gift for you too.

Good Quality Luggage

quality luggage bags carriers for going on vacation

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If you’re in the market for expensive Christmas gifts for your boyfriend odds are you two also like to travel together. Put a nice set of luggage under the tree so you’re all set for a winter getaway.

High Quality Smart Watch

High Quality smart watch

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If your boyfriend doesn’t already have a smart watch (or needs an upgrade) consider giving him one as a Christmas gift. There’s a lot of options on the market depending on his preferences but these Fossil brand smart watches blend functionality with tradition.

Rustic Wall Art

Rustic deer artwork hunting decor for boyfriend gift

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If you live together or he has his own place help your boyfriend decorate by giving him some nice art for Christmas this year. This handcrafted rustic stag is a nice compliment to most decorating styles.

Bluetooth Speaker

Electronics gift for him bluetooth portable speaker

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Not only is Bose one of the leaders in compact home sound systems, this bluetooth speaker also has Alexa built in. Or pick up a couple: they work together for multi-room listening.

Custom Vans

Custom pair of vans Van Gogh starry night

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There’s nothing that says “I love you” like a personalized gift. Custom Vans make great expensive gifts for your boyfriend if you get some that reflect his interests or personality.

New Office Desk

Brand new modern office desk gift for him

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If your boyfriend works from home, has a home office, or spends time on the computer check to see if his desk needs an upgrade. It’s a functional and practical, but still thoughtful gift idea.

Gaming PC

Gaming PC desktop electronics gift for your boyfriend this Christmas

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There’s no better expensive Christmas gifts for your boyfriend than gaming gear. A good quality gaming PC can handle all his games and will definitely be an exciting (and well used) gift for a gamer.

Espresso Machine

Kitchen accessory Espresso machine boyfriend gift idea

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It might be expensive, but an espresso machine can actually save money in the long run. Especially if your boyfriend is a speciality coffee addict. Plus it will make waking up at his place a little bit nicer!

Massage Chair

Large massage chair furniture gift for men

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Help your boyfriend relax after a long day! This is as close as you can get to a full body massage without someone’s help… And you can enjoy it while watching TV! If that’s not enough, it also has bluetooth speakers for a truly relaxing experience.

World Map

World Map gift for his office

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You can order this map with your choice of frame and even personalization! It comes ready to hang and even includes some pins so your boyfriend can track his travels.

Gold Ring

Exquisite gold ring gift idea for him

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They’re not always classy, but a gold ring can make a unique expensive Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend when done right. This handmade gold ring is full of character.

New Phone

Cellphone gift idea for boyfriend

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If you’re really not sure what to get your boyfriend for Christmas and you don’t mind grabbing something expensive, upgrade his phone. It’s probably something he uses every day and it’s always nice to have the latest model.

Leather Briefcase

luxurious laptop bag for boyfriend expensive Christmas gift

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Even if he doesn’t have papers to store, a briefcase is also great for storing a tablet, small laptop, and other things guys need to carry around. This one will make him look super stylish while he’s out and about.

4K Projector

4K projector gift for your boyfriend

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Big screen TVs aren’t the best movie viewing experience anymore. If you want to really go big (and expensive) for your boyfriend this Christmas tuck a good quality projector under the tree. Trust me, this is one item you don’t want to cheap out on.

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