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20 Family Friendly Video Game Gifts

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It’s family game night, but no one is in the mood for the usual board game… Well, let video games come to the rescue! There are so many that are family friendly that you can all do as a family, and some of them are listed below. From dancing to trivia to sports, and much more, there are many to choose from that most of the family will love!

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Family-Friendly Video Game Gifts

Just Dance Disney Party 2

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If you and your kids like to dance and also like Disney, this Just Dance Disney Party 2 will get everyone moving to popular Disney Channel music!

Plants Vs. Zombies

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This well known kids’ game would be something great for the family to work on together to protect the homefront!

Trivial Pursuit

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Keep your family’s minds sharp by playing a game of Trivial Pursuit, sure to get the whole family having fun and getting the brain juices flowing at the same time!

Wii Party

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Let’s have a party on family game night with Wii Party, by choosing games from the over seventy in the set. These will help your family to learn how to work on competition or cooperation with others, whichever is most fun!

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4

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If you have family members how are a fan of Harry Potter, LEGOs or both, then this LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 will be an awesome game to play on family game night. Everyone can get a chance to experience Hogwarts as Harry Potter and his friends did!

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

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Superheros and super powers battling villains from the Lethal Legion, what better way to bond as a family than fighting a common evil?

Super Mario Galaxy

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Explore the galaxy by traveling in and out of gravitational fields and running through alien worlds while using teamwork to fight enemies along the way.

Lego Dimensions

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Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle have to go save their friends when they get swept up in the vortex. Team up with other family members to help save them!


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Explore new worlds and defeat enemies as a family with both Yooka and Laylee to overcome Capital B.


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While this is a single-player game and may not be perfect for family game night, it is something that can be played while taking turns or on another occasion when you, as the parents, need a break!

Dance Dance Revolution Supernova

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Dance to hits and have fun as a family, whether you’re the one playing at the moment or not, you can enjoy the beats and sing along, or root on the rest of the family as they play the game!

Wii Sports Resort

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The Wii Sports Resort has sports of all kinds, to keep any and all family members entertained for hours. As a bonus, it also keeps you all active and engaged as you spend time together!

WRC 6: World Rally Championship

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Does your family enjoy car racing? The WRC 6: World Rally Championship just might be the game to keep everyone happy, and online you can play with up to eight players!

LEGO Worlds

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The whole family can explore multiple worlds made of LEGOs in this game, as well as create their own worlds. Be innovative, help each other, and have fun all at once!

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

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Pac-Man is an old game but still fun and many people enjoy it, so it is the perfect game to play as a friend. If your kiddos don’t know how to play it, simply teach them and they will also be having fun for hours on end!

TrackMania Turbo

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Another car racing game but this one is a bit different, there are four environments in which there are four ways to play, such as defying gravity and jumping through hills. It’s sure to be interesting, fun and interactive!

Mario Kart 8

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Super Mario is a classic and interactive game, so it’s awesome that they keep coming out with new games. Give your kids a run for their money with this kart racing game, similar to ones you used to play when you were younger!

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

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Your family can help Sora and Riku, on game nights, to take the Mark of Mastery exam so that they can move on to future threats.


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A game that many young kids play, even as young as five- or six-years-old, which means that the whole family can enjoy a game made for all ages.

NCAA Football 14

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If any, or all, of your family members are football lovers, then this NCAA Football game is perfect for family game nights and will keep everyone enthralled!

Family game night can be board games, or video games like these, either way what is most important is that you all are spending time together and having fun!

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