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20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Dog

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Your best friend loves a visit from Santa Claus as much as you do. Make sure they donโ€™t miss out this holiday season with these trendy and festive stocking stuffer ideas for your dog. Guaranteed to provide lots of excitement and tail wags on Christmas morning.

Go on.

We know your fur friend has a stocking.

(Please visit our list of the Most Incredible Stocking Stuffer ideas for literally everyone on your list, if you happen to also have humans on your list.) We also have more gift ideas for the puppy love of your life here

1. Santa Hat

Your dog will love their very own Santa hat to wear during all the jolly festivities.

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2. Christmas Party Collar

Love to dress up your furry companion? Why stop at the Santa hat? Go all out and accessorise with a stylish Christmas collar.

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3. Rawhide Candy Canes

Regular peppermint candy canes arenโ€™t suitable for your pooch, but theyโ€™ll love pulling these delicious rawhide candy canes out from their stocking.

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4. Holiday Tennis Balls

Does your dog go absolutely bonkers for tennis balls? Theyโ€™ll go crazy for these cheerful holiday themed balls.

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5. Bubbles

Bubbles can provide hours of entertainment for you and your dog together. Give the gift of bubbles and watch them try their hardest to catch them.

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6. Gingerbread House Hide-and-Seek Dog Toy

This hide-and-seek game will provide hours of entertainment for your little buddy. The smaller squeaky toys are hidden inside the larger gingerbread house, your pup then has to figure out how to get the smaller parts out. Theyโ€™ll love the challenge.

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7. Dogโ€™s Eye View Camera

Every wondered what your dog gets up to when he runs away from home and goes walk-a-bout? Now you donโ€™t have to! Record everything they do with this dogโ€™s eye view camera, just attach to their collar and press record.

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8. Holiday Tug-O-War Toy

Your dog will love to chew on this festive coloured rope bone. Prepare for the constant begging to play tug-o-war and fetch.

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9. Nail Clippers

Even though there are plenty of โ€˜funโ€™ gifts you can get your dog, sometimes it pays to be practical. A good quality pair of nail clippers will keep their nails short and spunky until the next holiday season.

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10. Gingerbread Dog Shampoo

Your pampered pooch will adore a lavish bath with this gingerbread scented shampoo. Make sure they smell nice before the family arrive!

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11. Brush and Comb Set

Your dog will need to have their fur styled after their fragrant gingerbread bath, so a brush and comb set is basically a necessity.

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12. Snowflake Yoghurt Treats

These crunchy snowflake treats will simply melt in your dogs mouth.

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13. Pet ID Tag

The fashionistas of the doggy world will love accessorising this season with cheerful holiday themed ID tags.

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14. LED Light Collar Charm

Add to the dog collar bling this year with an LED light collar charm. Ideal for evening walks in the dark to keep your pet visible and safe.

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15. Holiday Dog Chews

For dogs that love to chew, Nylabone Dura Chews are long lasting and help keep teeth clean. Get a combo pack with three delicious holiday flavours.

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16. Travel Pet Bowls

Perfect for active dogs who love getting out of the house and going on adventures with their trusty human companions.

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17. Doggy Breath Mints

Every respectable dog needs to have fresh breath when theyโ€™re out and about.

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18. Santa Poop Bags

These festive poop bags will have you picking up your four legged friendsโ€™ excrement in style.

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19. Lump of Coal Dog Toy

Has your dog been a trouble maker this year? Symbolise your discontent with this lump of coal ball toy. Your dog will not be disappointed.

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20. Edible Holiday Card

Cards arenโ€™t cool unless you can eat them. With this edible greeting card for dogs, they can!

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Lastly, donโ€™t forget the stocking!

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While stocking stuffer shopping, don’t forget to look at these ideas:

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