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50 Cheap Stocking Stuffers Under $5 for Adults

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There’s nothing quite like waking up Christmas morning and digging down into your stocking, to see what Santa brought. However, if you are on the Santa end, you might only be seeing dollar signs when you look at the stockings hung neatly by the fire! Never fear, there are many cheap stocking stuffers for adults that will keep you from worrying about the January visa bill. In case you don’t want to be accused of giving cheap presents, we’ll call them “frugal stocking stuffers” or “inexpensive stocking stuffers.” Either way – we won’t tell!

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Cheap Stocking Stuffers Under $5 for Adults

Use this list to make sure you can relax on Christmas morning and enjoy the time, instead of stressing about busting your budget! When in doubt, opt for consumables, so the next time you need barbecue sauce you know you have some on hand from Dad’s stocking.

Please visit our list of the Most Incredible Stocking Stuffer ideas for literally everyone on your list, if you don’t find what you need here!

BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce makes great cheap stocking stuffers

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Seeing as we’ve already mentioned it, start strong with barbecue sauce! From gourmet gluten free varieties, to huge Costco size bottles, there’s a sauce out there for everyone.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn makes for great cheap stocking stuffers

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Microwave popcorn is one of the best cheap stocking stuffers around – buy one box and put a package or two in everyone’s stocking! Santa gets extra points for giving kettle corn, it’s one of my favorites!

Hot Sauce

They'll love hot sauce in their stocking! Cheap stocking stuffers

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Do you know a hot sauce aficionado? Pop a bottle into their sock.

Lip Chap

Lip Chap is the perfect Cheap stocking stuffer idea

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Whether you opt for Burt’s Bees or a bulk back to give to everyone, it’s an affordable stocking stuffer idea that’s also practical.

Sudoku Book

Adults will love this Sudoku puzzle book in their stocking - Cheap stocking stuffers

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Perfect entertainment to go with a relaxed Christmas holiday.


You can't go wrong with tea for Christmas - Cheap stocking stuffers

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Sip on some tea while doing sudokus.

Shower Gel

Practical Cheap stocking stuffers - Shower gel

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Shower gel is practical, smells amazing and makes a wonderful stocking stuffer.


Socks make amazing Cheap stocking stuffers

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Raise your hand if you never lose a pair of socks to holes during the year. No one? New socks are practical and also a cheap stocking stuffer!

Garden Seeds

Garden seeds Cheap stocking stuffers

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These are a frugal gift that keeps on giving – kick start their garden with seeds that will also keep your grocery budget down!


Give a spork for Chrstmas Cheap stocking stuffers

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Sporks are fantastic little devices – highly recommend having a backup spork in your vehicle and your office desk. Sporks on the road make it easy to grab a yogurt from the grocery store or corner store instead of springing for a full meal out. They’re another cheap gift idea that keeps on giving cheapness – that’s what we all want, right?

Kitchen Magnets

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Get some fun magnets to display the kid’s artwork on the fridge, or the shopping list.


Adults can never have enough pens - Cheap stocking stuffers

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A nice pen is better than most free pens… but if you want to hit new levels of cheap stocking stuffers, get some free pens from retailers!

Cupcake Liners

Fun cupckae liners are great Cheap stocking stuffers

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Reusable cupcake liners are good for the environment and great for the pocketbook.

Paper Napkins

Cheap stocking stuffers - Paper napkins

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Cute paper napkins make a great cheap stocking stuffer idea for women, or for the guy who loves to entertain, or the mixologist in training.

Travel Size Toiletries

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Mini-size! Be sure to get TSA approved sizes. Travel size toiletries are very handy for carry on only travel.

Electronic Cleaning Putty

Electronic cleaning putty perfect Cheap stocking stuffer idea

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This cleaning putty does an awesome job of getting the gross gunky bits out of keyboards.

Guitar Picks

Cheap stocking stuffers - Guitar picks

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Give the musician some new guitar picks in her stocking this Christmas.


Toothpaste is a practical cheap stocking stuffer idea for adults

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This one is 100% practical.


Need Cheap stocking stuffers? Try adding toothpicks

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Do you know someone who uses toothpicks? They’re great for folks who like to entertain, to make canapes and appetizers.

Nail Polish

Nail polish makes perfect Cheap stocking stuffers for women

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Give them the gift of more nail polish colors.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are useful Cheap stocking stuffers

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Zip ties are best to have before you discover you need them – mix packs make amazing stocking stuffers for adults.

Utility Knife

Cheap stocking stuffers - Utility knife

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Restock the utility knife collection this Christmas.

Carpenter’s Pencil

Carpenter's Pencil - Cheap stocking stuffers

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This carpenter’s pencil set comes with a nifty sharpener, to make sharpening the awkward size easier.

Golf Tees

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Golfers need an endless supply of tees – that makes them a perfect frugal stocking stuffer (the golf part, though, whew, that is not frugal!).

Air Freshener

Air fresheners are a unique stocking stuffer idea for adults

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Refresh the room or their car with a new air freshener.

Command Hooks

Cheap stocking stuffers - Command hooks

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These little guys are shockingly versatile!

Photo Frame

Small photo frames are fun, cheap stocking stuffers

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Small photo frames, especially when they include a picture you’ve taken, make a great gift.

Tea Infuser

Tea infuser Cheap stocking stuffers

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Unlock the whole world of loose leaf teas with a new tea infuser.

Nail File

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Nail files wear out – a replacement makes an excellent, cheap stocking stuffer idea.


Perfect romantic cheap stocking stuffer gift idea

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There are so many wonderful candles out there, perfect for creating that cozy Christmas feeling. Try Apple Pie or Spruce, to really make it feel like Christmas.

Candle Holder

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Spice up the home decor with a new candle holder or two.


Candy is perfect for Cheap stocking stuffers

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Feed their sweet tooth with some candy!


Salsa Cheap stocking stuffers

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Find a jar of specialty salsa – my personal favorite is mango – and add it to their sock.

Phone Charger


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These power banks are ridiculously handy to have when you’re running around without a chance to plug in to a normal power source.

Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutter Cheap stocking stuffer gift idea

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Find a fun cookie cutter and get one for each person in the family – then make delicious, delicious cookies. Christmas is all about baking!

Shoe Laces

Cheap stocking stuffers - Shoe laces

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Get some funky new shoelaces for them.. or new dress shoe shoelaces, to up their style.

Note Cards

Note cards are a great cheap stocking stuffer idea

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Help them stay in touch with friends, or say thank you, with some note cards.

Fashion Tape

Cheap stocking stuffers - Fashion tape

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A perfect stocking stuffer for a woman, fashion tape keeps clothes on when they are supposed to stay on! She’ll be ready for the New Year’s Eve bash with this.

Mixing Spoon

These mixing spoons are amazing Cheap stocking stuffers

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Help them whip up the best cocktails in the world with a mixing spoon.

Cord Organizer

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Tame the ever-increasing number of cords with a cord organizer.


Can't go wrong with spices as a cheap stocking stuffer idea

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Add some flavor and flair to their culinary creations with a spice jar or two.

Note Pad

Notepads are inexpensive stocking stuffers for adults

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Find a cute note pad, perhaps a “honey-do” list?

Christmas Ornament

Adults will love Christmas ornaments as a frugal stocking stuffer idea

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A new Christmas ornament is a lovely stocking stuffer tradition.

Emergency Blanket

Emergency blankets are practical Cheap stocking stuffers

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Another prepper-friendly stocking stuffer here, having some emergency blankets on hand is always a good idea. Stock up and stuff them in stockings!


Whistles make great cheap stocking stuffers

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Whistles have two main uses, sports and safety. Whistles are one of the simplest safety devices out there – get one for their ski pants.

Wire Saw

Wire saw Cheap stocking stuffers

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A wire saw is a small little saw that is indispensable in a first aid or emergency kit. They are great for hiking bags, vehicle safety kits and every prepper wants to own a half dozen of them!

Krazy Glue

Krazy glue is one of the best practical cheap stocking stuffers

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This is a classic – make sure your gift recipient has some in their stockpile.

Goo Gone

Goo Gone - Perfect cheap stocking stuffer idea

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Goo gone is a miraculous product that takes sticker residue off (aka great to receive on Christmas), as well as most other icky residues.

Washi Tape

Washi tape Cheap stocking stuffers

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Washi tape comes in a multitude of ridiculously cute patterns, it’s an especially good gift for crafters.

$5 iTunes or Starbucks Gift Card

$5 gift card Cheap stocking stuffers

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What’s a $5 stocking stuffer? A $5 gift card! When it’s for a coffee shop or iTunes, $5 will actually purchase something nice.

There you go, friends. That was a list of several dozen cheap stocking stuffers for adults. Keep your Christmas budget in line this year by choosing stocking stuffers under $5, that they’ll still love! While you are at it take a peek at these ideas too:

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