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Fun Shaped Christmas Foods

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These fun shaped Christmas foods are excellent for putting smiles on faces. These Christmas appetizers add a touch of fun, by working themselves into Christmas trees, wreaths, elf hats and more. People don’t always talk about the savory, non-gumdrop-covered side of holiday cooking. Here, we’ll showcase some of the most delicious Christmas dishes that are perfect for entertaining!

Our Favorite Fun Shaped Christmas Foods

Add a little festive fun to your everyday dishes, appetizers and holiday potluck dishes with inspiration from these fun shaped savory Christmas foods. Baking aside, there’s a lot of ways to impress with your cooking skills around the holidays. These dishes take everything we love about the flair, color and fun design of holiday baking, in a savory dish you can enjoy any time of the day!

Find some inspiration for festive and healthy dishes you can serve up for your dinner guests. Whether it’s your next go-to holiday salad recipe, these are some dishes you’re going to want to add to your recipe book. Coming up with meal plans around the holidays can be downright stressful. One of the ways I like to get ahead of schedule, is to get exactly what I need to make a few simple recipes over the next few days. Avoid the Christmas-season grocery store mayhem and get prepared with these enjoyable and cheerful dishes!

Savory Christmas Foods for Entertaining

The best thing to do with these stunning dishes is to present them to your Christmas guests this season! Use serving trays, and all of your favorite holiday serving ware and dishes to put these recipes in the spotlight. You can coordinate with a thematic dessert, or appetizer to really bring it all together. Better yet, you could even find something that fits in with your beloved Christmas decor.

Fun Shaped Christmas Foods

Thanks for checking out these delicious, fun shaped holiday dishes! I love these recipe ideas for when you’d rather put out something salty, than something sweet. The holidays are full of crowd-favorite dessert and baking staples, but it’s about time you had some go-to appetizers and snack ideas for when tummies start to rumble.

Whether it’s a snack board to fuel some last minute gift wrapping, or a fabulous holiday-themed appetizer, you’ll be on the ball with these recipe ideas!

More Festive Inspiration

Get your Christmas inspiration fix and more with some of our other holiday entertaining and gift ideas.

What are some of your favorite, go-to recipes around the holidays? Chances are you might not have a favorite Christmas salad, or pull-apart bread! What I love most about these recipes is they’re the perfect festive touch for any potluck or Christmas spread. Bring one around to your friend or family member’s house this year, or your office potluck and let us know how it goes.

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