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Best Gifts for Deadpool Fans

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Even though Wade Wilson burst onto the scene in 1991 as the anti-hero Deadpool, his popularity didn’t truly explode until his own feature film in 2016 and now you can’t swing a stick without hitting something involving the merc with a mouth. With all of the merchandise surrounding the chimichanga loving, wisecracking, masked man, it’s tough to find that perfect gift for that certain someone that adores him. These are the best gifts for Deadpool fans whether they’re into the comics, films or just everything Deadpool! 

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Some of the Best Gifts for Deadpool Fans 

We’ve looked all over and compiled this trove of treasures for that ideal present and we’re certain that you’re going to find what you’re looking for here! You can stop worrying about searching and let us take care of it, so go ahead and take a look at what we’ve collected here and feel confident that you’ll find something wonderful in these 40 delightful Deadpool Gifts.

Deadpool 2 (Blu-Ray)

Deadpool 2 DVD movie

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We’ll start this list off the right way with the latest release starring Wade Wilson’s ugly mug! Deadpool 2 kicks off a new adventure with the anti-hero and if the fan in your life doesn’t own it yet, you can make that happen!

Deadpool Monopoly

Deadpool monopoly board game gift idea

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The classic board game gets a Deadpool makeover! A new setup for the board, different titles for the cards and new game pieces gives this version of Monopoly the full Deadpool Experience

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe (Paperback)

Deadpool paperback Marvel superhero book

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What if Deadpool decided to kill the entire Marvel Universe? This comic compendium answers that question with a storyline in which Deadpool does exactly that!

Deadpool Chia Pet

funny Deadpoool fan gift chia pet

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We can’t help but wonder if this Chia Pet is supposed to resemble Deadpool’s take on Bob Ross but whether it’s supposed to or not, it’s a unique way of having his visage around!

Deadpool Duffel Bag

Deadpool themed duffel bag gym bag

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If you’re like most fans of the film, you probably think that the duffel bag that Deadpool carries around is pretty rad and you can give the gift of that awesome looking duffel! It even has that familiar logo of his on the side!

Deadpool Blanket

Deadpool fleece blanket Best Gifts for Deadpool Fans

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Sporting his familiar pose with his arms crossed in full “tough guy” stance, Deadpool graces this stylish yet comfy blanket with his sarcastic presence. Perfect for any fan to lounge around on the couch while they watch their new Deadpool 2 Blu-Ray!

Deadpool VS The World

deadpool Marvel gift idea USAopoly boardgame for superhero fans

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If you’ve got a Deadpool lover that enjoys party games, then we have the gift for you! This game requires 3+ players and chooses the winner based on which participant best describes the odd situation that Wade Wilson has managed to get himself into!

Deadpool Riding A Unicorn Plush

Funny deadpool riding a unicorn plush toy Best Gifts for Deadpool Fans

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It’s really not hard to believe that Deadpool’s favorite animal is one that’s as magical as himself. The Unicorn! This plush gives the Merc With A Mouth the most adorable makeover!

Deadpool Flask

deadpool logo mask flask

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Got a loved one that’s not only a fan of Deadpool but also a fan of the old drinky drink? Two birds with one stone here! This subtle yet awesome flask is perfect for that fan hauling around that low-key beverage!

Deadpool Bob Ross Funko Pop

Funny Deadpool bob ross funko pop figurine

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50% Deadpool. 50% Bob Ross. 100% Awesome. Just about anyone who saw the Deadpool 2 trailer featuring the wisecracking anti-hero as Bob Ross was immediately enthralled and now you can give the gift of this awesome mashup!

Deadpool Riding A Unicorn T-Shirt

Deadpool riding a unicorn with sword funny mens T shirt

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Deadpool and his magical friend make another appearance on this list! This snazzy tee featuring Deadpool riding a unicorn across a rainbow while he waves around a katana, this truly captures the essence of the anti-hero with one picture.

Deadpool Pikachu Keychain

deadpool as pikachu keychain

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Who doesn’t love awesome matchups? We’re pretty certain that this one is going to be one of those perfect gifts for that Deadpool lover that is also a huge Pokemon fan. Let’s be honest here. Who isn’t a fan of Pokemon, right?

Deadpool/Game Of Thrones Canvas Art

deadpool x game of thrones wall art print Best Gifts for Deadpool Fans

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It seems as if no universe is safe from the Deadpool invasion and that includes Game of Thrones! This awesome piece of art features Deadpool lazing around on the Iron Throne. Check out the sweet unicorn banner in the background!

Deadpool Katanas

Deadpool cosplay replica katanas swords

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Not one but two katanas! If you have someone in your life that you know would be overjoyed to run around their home, waving around plastic replicas of Deadpool’s weapons of choice while belting out “MAXIMUM EFFORT!”, then this is definitely the gift that you’ve been searching for!

Deadpool Heart Decal

deadpool heart decal Best Gifts for Deadpool Fans

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Anyone who has seen Ryan Reynolds portraying Deadpool is bound to have seen him making the heart symbol with his hands. We’re positive that the fan you’re grabbing a gift for is going to be excited to receive this decal. It’ll be perfect to remind fellow drivers that they love them after brake checking them!

Talking Deadpool Bottle Opener

deadpool bottle opener that talks funny Marvel gift idea

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With its unique design and 24 hilarious phrases, this bottle opener is sure to keep any Deadpool lover entertained! Maybe you caught it on the famous show Shark Tank and here’s your chance to snag it for a loved one!

Deadpool Socks

fun Deadpool socks gift idea for comic book superhero fans

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Even comic geeks want stylish socks! These cool looking socks are as snazzy as they are comfortable and for your purchase, you get two pairs with two separate designs.

Deadpool Laptop Backpack

deadpool laptop bag with extra pouches and buckle

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This laptop bag might just be even cooler than the duffel bag that we featured on this list earlier! Complete with tons of pockets, the classic Deadpool color scheme, and a rugged appearance, it’s a pretty rad present for anyone who loves the anti-hero!

Deadpool Towel

deadpool themed beach bath towel

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Made for drying off at the beach or even just out of a nice hot shower, this towel is awesome looking either way. It would be perfect hanging in any fan’s bathroom!

Deadpool Shower Curtain

shower curtain with deadpool picture

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Know what goes perfectly with a Deadpool Towel? A Deadpool shower curtain! While this gives you a comforting sense of privacy when being showered by water, it features Deadpool being showered by bullet casings! We’ve all seen the intro from Deadpool 2, right?

Deadpool Wristwatch

watch with deadpool classic logo design gift for men

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One of the more subtle and mature looking gifts on our list, this sleek watch has a more toned-down appearance. It still features the classic Deadpool color scheme and has his familiar visage in the center but it’s definitely a more low-key way of showing fandom!

Deadpool Air Freshener

Deadpool themed air freshener

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That’s right, friends, Deadpool even has an air freshener! This one is done with a cute, chibi art style and smells (surprisingly) like vanilla!

Deadpool Cosmetics Bag

Wade Wilson deadpool toiletries mens medicine bag

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For that lovely lady that happens to adore the Merc with a mouth, this is a very snazzy and fashionable makeup bag! That classic black and red color scheme adorn this bag, including the words “Outta the way, nerd!”, this is a killer gift!

Deadpool Suspenders

deadpool logo suspenders

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Not all of us can pull off wearing suspenders, but for the Deadpool fan that can? These suspenders exist and are absolutely awesome!

Deadpool Hoodie

deadpool sweater hoodie pullover apparel top gift

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This awesome looking hoodie is guaranteed to please any fan of the anti-hero. With a recognizable but simple design, it gives them the chance to roam around dressed like Deadpool without the mask and katanas!

The Philosophy Of Deadpool (Hardcover)

the philosophy of deadpoool book gift idea

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This neat book contains the secrets of what makes Deadpool tick! Containing a collection of his best and worst moments, it gives you a peek inside of the anti-hero’s brain.

Deadpool Nerf Guns

deadpool nerf guns for cosplay custom made gift idea

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These special edition Deadpool Nerf guns are absolutely amazing! Black and red with Deadpool’s face and the Nerf Rival logo, this gift is perfect for any fan!

Deadpool Doormat

funny deadpool doormat gift

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For the fan with a sense of humor (which is a given, considering they like Deadpool), this doormat is a must-have! Guaranteed to get a smile out of anyone visiting, it features the Merc with a Mouth stating: “Wipe your feet, I like feeling dirty”!

We’ve made it to the end! You’ve undoubtedly found a bevy of gifts for that loved one of yours and we’re certain that we’ve done our duty here! There’s such a variety of options and so many great choices, there’s no way that you didn’t find one or two that you just couldn’t walk away from. Did you find anything that the Deadpool lover in your life adored? Maybe you found something that you just had to have for yourself! Feel free to give us a shout and let us know on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and thanks for checking out 40 Delightful Deadpool Gifts!

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