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A Cute, Easy & Cheap Bridal Shower Gift Idea - you can put one of these gifts together with the click of a button, or a quick trip out to the dollar store or Michaels. They're handy to have, too, so your bride will appreciate them. #bridalshower #weddingshower #gifts #bride #frugal

A Cute, Easy & Cheap Bridal Shower Gift

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Are you a scrapbooker or card maker? A DIY whiz? Perhaps just a bargain collector? A fun, simple gift for a wedding shower, to accompany a cash gift, or just as a nice little top-up, would be a collection of cards for the couple to start a small stationary set.

My way to source this would be going to the dollar store, scouring the discount bins at Michaels, or ordering online from Amazon or Etsy. If you have a few more dollars at your disposal, support a local artist and add a handmade card, or two, or a whole collection. Even better, if cards are a specialty of yours, it would be a good way to show thoughtfulness and creativity for a wedding gift.

Ideas for a Cheap Bridal Shower Gift

There will be times that the couple will want and need to write sympathy cards, condolences, happy birthday, congratulations on your rug rat, congratulations on your move, engagement, promotion, wedding, happy Tuesday, you know, all sorts of things. Consider putting together a nice little collection for when those times come up, so they don’t have to rush out to the store and find something.

Alternatively, you can find a pre-made set online, like one of these:

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