Cash Gift Ideas

Have you been wondering what the greatest, best, all time #1 favourite wedding gift might be?


Cold, Hard Dollars

(or pesos or euros or pounds or lira… okay probably not lira anymore.  Maybe not even Euros for that matter.)

To help you over the hump of giving boring cash gifts, we offer the following cash gift ideas to help spice it up and turn it into a memorable gift:

Please read Important Tips for Giving Cash Gifts!

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Play Dough!

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Luggage Tags

Tourist Info Pack

Tourist Info Pack

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The First Photograph

Johnny Cash Cash

Johnny Cash Cash

Word Search eTransfer

Word Search eTransfer

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

The Gravy Boat

The Gravy Boat

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Chocolate Treasure

CC Attribution - Joelk75 - Bacon Balm

Bring Home the Bacon

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Build your own Castle

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Money Puzzles

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Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Coin Roll Car Cash Gift Idea

Coin Roll Car

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A Gift for Travelers

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The Bucket List

Creative Cash Wrapping - Dynamite


Creative Cash Gift - Love Fireworks


Rolling in Dough

Rolling in Dough

There's Always Money in the Banana Stand

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand


Old Money

Old Money

Creative Cash Gift - Dollar Scavenger Hunt

Dollar Scavenger Hunt

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