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20 Best Gifts Under $20

20 Best Gifts Under $20

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1. Thug Kitchen Cookbook

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Rejoice! Hipsters, vegans, and self-deprecating jokers will enjoy cooking all of the amazing dishes that Thug Kithen f#cken has to offer. If you hate curse words don’t by this book. If you love vegan food that even a meat-eater would love to eat and can handle the f-bomb, buy this book stat.

2. Burt’s Bees Essential Beauty Kit

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Spoil yourself and your skin with Burt’s Bees. In distinctive yellow packaging, these all-natural products will help your skin survive the onslaught of winter.

3. High Socks Rock!

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You can never have enough socks. These socks come in several different styles that declare the following: Bad Ass, Hot Mess, or Yay Burpees. Have fun wearing these the next time you go hiking.

4. Bean Box Seattle Gourmet Coffee Sampler

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Seattle is quite possibly the coffee capitol of the United States. Enjoy sampling coffees from different roasters that keep Seattle’s coffee scene diversified and fun.

5. Go Away I’m On My First Cup Of Coffee

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You know that person, the one who is kind of evil until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. This glass mug will help you know where they are at in the coffee and talk to people spectrum.

6. Big Bang Theory-I Love Coitus T-Shirt

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Because, honestly, who doesn’t? Enough said.

7. Star Wars Band-Aids

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Show your love of the force with this box of Star Wars inspired Band-Aids.  These a are a great stocking stuffer for the Star Wars fan in your life.

8. Mug Warmer

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There is nothing worse than a lukewarm cup of coffee. Manage that issue with a mug warmer. Help your favorite freelancer keep their coffee hot and fresh with this ingenious invention.

9. Throw

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The next time you curl up on your coach make sure you have this soft and cozy throw on your couch. No home is winter ready if there isn’t at least one well-made throw in the house.

10. Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray

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If you haven’t seen one of Poo-Pourri’s hilarious commercials go to YouTube and watch one now. Either way, every bathroom needs something that keeps it smelling fresh after an unfortunate bathroom visit.

11. Enchanted Forest-Adult Coloring Book

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Johanna Basford transports adult coloring enthusiasts to another world with the Enchanted Forest coloring book. A great stress reliever and beautiful to look at as well, this gift will give its recipient a reason to color.

12. Selfie-Stick


It sometimes feels like every moment is being captured by memory hungry tweens. The truth is people enjoy taking pictures of the different moments in their lives, this easy to use Selfie-stick will help photographers out when there’s no one around to take a picture.

13. Smart Watch and Pedometer

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This gift is for the person who isn’t ready to splash out on wearable technology but needs help keeping track of their steps. A sleek design similar to a Garmin.

14. Battery Powered Votive Lights

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There is nothing better than the romantic glow of candlelight on a cold winter’s night. The thing is, candles are dangerous and pose a fire risk when used improperly. These battery powered  votive lights will give you the same romantic ambience without the extreme fire risk.

15. The Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

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This is a great water bottle for any person who is active and needs to stay hydrated. Made of BPA free plastic, with the inspiring quote “Fortune Favors the Brave” emblazoned on the front  you will never go to your Crossfit box without it! The used one is under $20 dollars!

16. Long sleeved Shrug

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Pair this shrug with a tank, sleeveless top, or sleeveless dress and ward off the cold in style. Shrugs are also great when paired with a great pair of jeans.

17. Beanie

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Beanies are one of the fun items that can be warn during winter. This beanie is a chunky knit that comes in various colors. Elevate your look with a nicely fitted jacket and shoes.

18. Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Caramels

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There is nothing better than enjoying a piece of dark chocolate caramels with a hint of sea salt. Spoil a friend (or yourself) with this bag of decadence.

19. Infinity Scarf

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A winter clothing staple that is both practical and fashionable, this infinity scarf will keep you warm and happy through the cold winter months.

20. Envelope Clutch

There you have it, our collection of the best gifts under $20. Which one is your favourite?


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  1. These are actually pretty nice for under $20. My favorite is the coloring book. Selfie sticks can be nice when you're away on holiday and no one is around to take a photo! I was on a hiking trail this summer in Sedona, and this couple asked me to take a photo for them. I was the only person on the trail, so I was happy to help them out. I took three photos "just to make sure."

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