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Best gifts for soon to be students

Best gifts for soon-to-be students

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After the parties, the celebrations and the carefree nature of summer, it is finally time to begin to settle down and prepare for the next academic year. For most who are still in education, it will simply be a case of moving up a year – or grade – and getting on with things, but for others it can be a whole new journey. Some of you may be heading to college or university, which can be a very daunting experience – especially after a whirlwind summer. So, for the parents or friends out there who want to help out with this transition, here’s some must-buy items that will no doubt ease the process.


The library can’t stock for everyone and while scholar fees are already an incredible sum of money, the addition of countless books that are on your reading lists could tip the scales into dangerous territory. So, it would be wise to sit down with your loved one and assess what he/she needs for the coming year. A gift of schoolwork is far from exciting, but they will undoubtedly thank you for it later!

Outdoor speaker

Now, in most cases a normal speaker would do just fine, but with the party lifestyle of a student, it is key to make sure your electric devices are waterproof and shockproof, as you never know what mind end up over the sound system. Not only is an outdoor speaker effective, but it is also likely to be a lot more durable of damage – which is another inevitability.

Tablet or smart device

While this is likely to be the most expensive item on the list, you can sleep easy knowing that it will be used as much as possible during any free time that may be available. Do they need to google something to impress their new college buddies? Or a device to select the music from for their outdoor speaker? Or something to watch films on the winter? Whatever it is, this is a must-buy.

Special days out

Something that will take the stress and pain of being a 24/7 bookworm away from these students is having things to look forward to, so special days out are advised. A day trip around a racetrack, for example, where they can let rip with a car full of firepower. While they likely won’t reach the heights of Formula One speeds, they will go intensely fast and it will definitely put smiles on their faces. Formula One – and racing in general – has experienced a boom across Europe in recent years, in a big way too, and you will often find that students are fans of racing and also interested in racing betting, to see who is valued to be a success and who is considered an underdog.

Bike Lock

It is far easier to cycle round campus than you might expect nowadays and many students opt to cycle to lectures and then back home, rather than walking which is unquestionably slower. While the purchase of a bike may not be needed – as some may already own a bike – a bike lock is and is often undervalued. Of course, this selection is only important if you own a bike and for those of you who do, it is a necessity as you will soon find out just how many people will steal an unlocked bike otherwise!


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