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Cooking and Such

Cooking and Such

Cooking and Such

I am a little bit unsure how to start off this post, other than to say that I enjoy doing lots and lots of things, not all of which are related to gifts.  So, that said, I have written several guest posts on a variety of topics and this latest one is a completely new genre for me – cooking!  My cousin Lorina started her blog back in 2011 and cooked her way through an entire cookbook in a year, Julie and Julia style.  I have a guest post up on her site My Year with Jamie Oliver where I make one of Jamie’s Meals in Minutes meals and break down what it cost per serving.  Go check it out!


I would also like to thank a few people for their links lately, especially Fearless Men.  They post great stuff over there, I highly recommend it.


Here are some other places you should visit, that talk about all sorts of diverse and wonderful things:

Reach Financial Independence – Pauline is living in Guatemala, renovating her property, investing in coconut farms in Brazil, renting her place in London out and all sorts of other fascinating things

Sawdust Girl – Sandra is a mighty wielder of tools and shows us her projects and the projects of her coaching clients – so inspiring!

Kara Cooks – Yummy food, furniture projects, random musings.  Homemade mayo.  Good stuff.

Punch Debt in the Face – There are unicorns.  Enough said.

Casual Kitchen – Politics and food.  Mostly the politics are about food.


Enjoy!  Do you want to submit a guest post about gifts?  Contact me – I’d love to have you!

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    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Likewise, thank you for your mention :-) I hope you enjoyed it!

  1. FrugalRules

    Looks like we like some of the same blogs. :) Off to read your cooking posts!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Thanks! Haha – I am quite confident we run in the same circles :-)

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