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Fab Gifts for the Perfect Hen Night

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Getting married is a wonderfully special occasion. Months of preparation go into weddings, with both partners investing in every aspect. And for women, one of the most important parts of planning a wedding is organising the hen do. It’s usually the maid of honour who takes on the responsibility for the hen do, but every attendee should be prepared to play their own role in making this a night to remember for the lucky bride-to-be.

Giving gifts at a hen do isn’t obligatory, but most people will turn up with a gift. These gifts are usually fun and contribute something towards the hen do itself, but sometimes hen presents take a more special form. Whatever type of present you decide to buy, making sure it’s suitable is the first thing you should consider. The second is that your gift is unique, but of course this is often easier said than done. So to help you, here are some fab gift ideas for you to give at a hen do.

Hair & Beauty Gifts

Hair and beauty gifts are a great idea for a hen do, as they’re something the bride can use for both her hen night and the wedding itself. If you know what the bride-to-be’s favourite hair and beauty products are, this is even better. Surprise the hen with a goodie bag full of her favourite treats from Capital Hair & Beauty and you’ll all have fun trying out different looks.

Personalised Gifts

Personalising a present will ensure that it has worth for the recipient, which goes beyond that normally attached to gifts of any nature. You could choose to personalise your present for the hen, or for the happy couple. But to make your gift unique, perhaps consider personalising your gift to include the names or photos of all the hen party attendees, so the bride will remember her special girls’ night forever.

Experience Gifts

A wonderful memory is a gift that keeps on giving. For a truly unique gift that the hen will always remember, consider giving her a hen night experience that she’ll never forget. This is the kind of gift which can be given either by yourself or as part of the hen group. Find out what the hen likes to do – or wishes she could do – and tailor your gift experience idea to suit her. This could include anything from skydiving or snorkelling to cupcake baking or a professional photoshoot.

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