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Gifts That Scream, “Treat YoSelf!”

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I have a feeling that by now, EVERYONE has heard the phrase “Treat YoSelf” at least once! Seriously, it’s everywhere! Coined by characters on the show Parks and Rec, the Treat YoSelf movement has become a call to self-care! It reminds you to slow down, take a look at everything you’re doing and who you’re doing it for and then, take the time to do something for yourself. Treat YoSelf and get yourself some of these gifts to help you do it!

Gifts That Scream,

Treat YoSelf: It’s all about self-care


We live in a busy time, where everyone has a full schedule, and oftentimes, they forget to take care of themselves. There has been a BIG push toward self-care in the past few years, as a way to make everyone feel better, mentally, and physically. There are times when you just need to Treat YoSelf!

Affirmations: Self-care can be as easy as buying and reading one of these Affirmation Cards To Help You Help Yourself, without the Self-Helpyness everyday.

Treat YoSelf with TREATS! Gourmet treats are always an excellent way to spoil yourself or thank yourself for being as impressive as you are! Try these Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies from Oh Nuts! But, if chocolate isn’t your thing, they also have this amazing Nut Assortment or a GORGEOUS Gourmet Granola Pack!

It’s The Little Things: It can be as simple as enjoying your favorite mug cake recipe in this mug or sipping that wine you like out of this stemless wine glass!

Splish Splash: Treat YoSelf to a special bath. Seriously, everyone deserves a relaxing bath every now and then. Grab your bath pillow and throw some of this into a nice, warm tub. Toss your hair up in a Turban Towel and set up this amazing bath tray to enter the ultimate relaxation mode.

Read a Book: There are a lot of books out there that can help you figure out self-care. Some are serious; some are sarcastic, some are humorous, but, they can all help when applied to the right person.


Then again, you could just buy yourself some special socks or some ridiculously big, but eco-friendly lip balm and Treat YoSelf that way. It is really about taking a moment to breathe and think about your own needs or wants, rather than the rest of the world. If only for a moment at a time.

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