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Lovely Gift Ideas for a New Mom

Lovely Gift Ideas for a New Mum

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If youโ€™re after a lovely gift for a special lady in your life who has just become a mum, weโ€™ve come up with a few ideas that are guaranteed to help her feel spoiled and appreciated.

After all, the baby will be getting lots of great new things, so itโ€™s important to make her feel special and pampered at times, too! ย Here is a selection of lovely gift ideas for a new mum, enjoy!

A bouquet of flowers

Flowers make a lovely gift to brighten someoneโ€™s day, and you can even get themed ones to make them more special for a new mum on the birth of her little one. For example, you can get new baby boy flowers and girls that will be colour themed and will come presented in a beautiful vase or basket to make it look much more impressive than a regular bunch from the high street.

A food or drinks hamper

A gift hamper of luxurious food and drink treats are sure to go down well, especially if mum has been making sure to take extra care of what sheโ€™s eaten for the past 9 months…she deserves a little indulgence! There are some great ones available here for a range of tastes and budgets. Alcohol gifts are great too after 9 months of abstinence, just check whether sheโ€™s breast feeding, etc.

A set of luxury toiletries

Likewise, help her unwind (in her spare five minutes!) by getting her a gift set of luxury toiletries, like lovely smelly stuff for the bath, gorgeous-smelling lotions (as sheโ€™s probably had lots of boring ones during her pregnancy) and hand washes. Opt for really frivolous options that she wouldnโ€™t buy herself, especially now she has a little one to shop for!


A scented candle

Scented candles make a lovely gift and are great for a new mum as theyโ€™re luxurious for her but also for the house, which is likely to get taken over very quickly by baby stuff. Help bring an element of calm and serenity, and with a lovely scent to top it off which can be great for when little accidents occur, too.

A baby journal/diary

If you want to get something for both mum and baby, with a slight lean towards โ€˜mainly-for-mumโ€™ a baby album is a great way to go. Itโ€™s a lovely way to help them document all those precious โ€˜firstโ€™ moments, using photos and mementos. Depending on the one they go for, they can display things like babyโ€™s identity band from hospital and their first scan, to things like their first curl and snaps of their first smile!

A certificate for a pamper spa day

Another great gift perfect to help mum spoil herself and get a bit of time to herself in a couple of months would be to get her a certificate for a pamper day at a spa. Or, if your budget is a little more modest, you could get her a slightly cheaper certificate to get just one or two spa treatments, or for something like vouchers to get a manicure or pedicure.


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