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For Men Only: What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

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For Men Only: What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Times have changed, trends have moved on, our lives and priorities are different. Things that once seemed romantic have now become clichéd and overdone. Included in this is an array of outdated Valentine’s Day gifts that women may have once swooned at, but may now leave them a bit miffed. Here we’re going to help you avoid these old ideas and suggest modern alternatives to keep your gift buying fresh and relevant for your special someone.

Outdated: Sexy lingerie

New Alternative: Beautiful cashmere

It’s been said that sexy lingerie bought by a man is not usually going to equate to a woman’s idea of what is sexy or make her feel particularly attractive and with such busy lives these days, something soft and luxurious is going to add a sensual edge to even the most stressful day. It will be a comforting reminder of you wherever she goes and by appealing to the senses with a silk kimono or cashmere sweater she’ll soon be feeling relaxed and loved. These subtly sexy Valentine’s gifts for her will win her heart all over again.

Outdated: A dozen red roses

New Alternative: Tropical flowers, orchids, Calla lilies or her favourite flower

Many women do love roses, but just getting them without finding out what she likes isn’t going to guarantee her pleasure. Before Valentine’s Day ask her what flowers she likes when walking past a florist and take note! A good florist will also be able to help you put together a more modern and vibrant selection of flowers that will show you’ve really made an effort with this classic gift.

Outdated: a mix tape of your favourite tracks

New Alternative: a selection of HER favourite tracks presented prettily

You’ll get extra brownie points for presenting them on a handy iPod Nano that she can take to the gym. This gift involves more research and observation. You might need to ask family and friends to dig up embarrassing old favourites. She’ll be touched by the effort and really enjoy reminiscing.

Finally, it’s not always about what you buy these days, but how you buy it. For some it’s important to know that what you’ve bought has been responsibly or ethically made and some will be put off by the commercial nature Valentine’s Day can sometimes have. To avoid this and add an extra special element to your gift, consider charitable giving either as a gift in itself, to a charity that resonates with your loved one or by buying products where a percentage of the cost is donated to charity such as through the Give as you Live website.

This extra touch will make for a perfect and heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift.


12 thoughts on “For Men Only: What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day”

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Now THAT's getting with the times! A music youtube playlist would be good too!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Yes, it definitely sounds not too shabby! Calla lilies are my spouse's favourite flower, too!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      I am also always up for a nice dinner! I hope that you get one!

  1. studentdebtsurvivor

    We don't really exchange gifts on Valentine's day, but if we did I'd be happy with a nice dinner in, some macaroons and some good Belgian beer.

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