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The Internet is Full of Savings

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One great thing about the internet, as long as you are not a brick and mortar retailer, that is, is the ability to find the lowest price for something, very quickly. Β Actually, the internet is also a great way for brick and mortar stores to find new and cheaper products, too.

One great thing about gift-giving occasions is that we know they are coming. There’s no “oh, I had no idea Christmas was in December.” Sure, you might be surprised to find out the birthday of your new amore has arrived, but outside of that, your anniversary falls on the same day, every single year.

“Yes, yes, Anne, I know this. Why are you reminding me? Β Is it because you forgot your own anniversary that one time?”

Ahem, no. Also, please don’t tell everyone that I’m a gift blogger who forgets her own gift giving occasions. Β It’s very bad for my street cred. My spouse forgot that year too, but just had the better luck and remembered first, the next day.


We re-hash my past to establish that you know when you need to give gifts, in advance, so you can plan for them. Put your thinking cap on, a month in advance. Now, you can go shopping based on your budget, or you can go shopping with an idea in mind and then look for the best price.


They are an online coupon code site, with a bit of a twist.Β  If you head on over to their site, they have a box, called their savings calculator, where you can pick a budget, a search term and/or a category, and click search.

What does that mean in terms of internet savings for you? A “free shipping when you spend $150” coupon isn’t going to help you very much if your budget is $40, now is it? Nope.

Use this tool and end up with savings opportunities to browse through, that actually meet your needs.Β  Who knows, you might just find the perfect gift idea, at a smoking good price.

Another way you can use this site is to check out their marketplace, where you search for whatever you would like.

One neat feature of the site is the frugaa stores page. It lists out ALL of the stores that they work with, in alphabetical order. Thereby speeding up your life. #win

There are a lot of different ways to save money by shopping online, or in advance, frugaa is just one of them.

The biggest thing of all?Β  PLAN.Β  in advance.

You’ll be happier.Β  Less stress. Less cost.




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