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Unique Ideas for Presenting a Gift

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We all know the importance of buying a unique gift. But almost as important as a gift is the manner of its presentation. Wrapping a gift can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but most unique gifters will agree that a unique gift deserves to be presented in a unique manner.

Assessing Your Gift

The way in which you give a gift should suit the gift itself. If you’ve bought something which is highly personal, such as an engraved watch from Chisolm Hunter Ltd, then you should aim to give the gift in a personal setting such as a one-on-one dinner or other intimate occasion. If you’ve bought something funny, you may wish to give it in a room full of friends who can all share in the joke. Once you’ve decided the setting in which you will present your gift, you can begin to work out the details.

Wrapping Ideas

If you decide to wrap your gift you don’t have to stick to the tried-and-tested format of store-bought wrapping paper and a cute little tag. Many people these days are making their own wrapping paper and this is possibly the best way of ensuring that your wrapping paper is as unique as possible. Consider recycling old comics, using fabric instead of paper, or incorporating simple art and crafts printing techniques.

Cute Boxes and Parcels

If your gift requires a box, you are not obliged to use the box it came in. Making your own unique gift box can be as simple as cardboard or as complicated as carved wood. Unique material is the first step. The second is decoration. Think about incorporating paint, chalk, pen, fabric, bows, dried flowers and ribbons. If you want to go all out you could utilise a mixture of different decorations to create a beautiful collage on the top of your box.

Create an Experience

If simply giving a gift isn’t unique enough for you, you should think about creating an entire experience for the recipient that will stage their present in just the right way. This is particularly perfect for people who are giving experience-based gifts, or who are adept at using mixed media to send messages. Audio, video and dance can all be used to create just the right mood for you to give your gift. But be careful not to go overboard – this type of presentation is usually preferred by people who are proposing.

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