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Waffle Day!

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If you follow me on twitter (which you totally should! @UGifter), you may have heard me mention waffles in the past few weeks.  I have a pretty sweet work schedule, but every once in awhile it gets changed up a bit. When it’s changed up, I end up working on a day that one department has deemed Waffle Day! Basically, a bunch of people got together and decided that their Fridays should have more waffles.

That’s a pretty solid idea.  I know that Well Heeled agrees with me.

So two Fridays ago, I brought a dozen eggs to work, as my contribution to the morning. One guy makes up the batter and sits there with a waffle iron on his desk, making waffles as he goes about his morning’s work.  It takes about two hours to make enough for the 10 or so people around that day.  Then, we descend on the bull pen table and chow down to maple syrup, OJ, berries, cool whip (it had been YEARS since I last had some of that concoction) and bacon.  Between cooking the bacon here and making the waffles, the whole building smells DIVINE all morning.  It also makes other people jealous.

My recommendation?  See if you can start a waffle day at your job.  It’s possibly the best thing ever for morale.

Shannon, a staff writer at Young Adult Money wrote a piece called 5 Gifts that Will Tick Off Your Frugal Wife. Obviously that’s the kind of thing I can get behind! I love to write about ways to save on gift giving.

I have been writing up a storm lately, because I have a new project in the works.  Some of you already know what it is, the rest of you, stay tuned!!

This week, I ended up in a conversation about grammar and the correct use of myself, this piece was quite good at answering my questions.

Have you ever heard of a toast sandwich?  Neither had I.  Dietitians will have you running for the hills, but your pocket book will be happy.  Liquid has some way-back history on the toast sandwich, and says Jesus Crust.  Go have a giggle.

Also, a huge shout out to Pauline, from Reach Financial Independence, Make Money Your Way and Savvy Scot.  She’s growing quite the online empire and has been so helpful to me lately, answering a ton of my questions and giving me advice.

I almost forgot.  The post I am ever so proud of, What to Register for When you Already Have Everything, was included in the Carnival of Money Pros at Your Personal Finance Pro.  Thanks for that Harry!

I’m going to try to make these Mango, Blackberry, Feta bites this weekend.  They look absolutely amazing, but I’ve been having trouble finding ripe-at-the-same-time blackberries and mangoes.


What have you been up to lately? Have there been any waffles in your life?  I recommend them.

6 thoughts on “Waffle Day!”

  1. financiallyblonde

    Waffle Day sounds absolutely brilliant!!! I wish that my co-workers thought of something like that. Now I have my own business, so I guess I could make them for myself, it just sounds more fun with a group. Thank you so much for mentioning my post on the YAM blog! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Haha, details eh! Make them for yourself in celebration for something one day!

  2. I like my pancakes with raspberries, whipped cream, and maple syrup. Sometimes in the summer ice cream works too :) Last year the company I work at made fluffy pancakes for all the employees. It was so good. Thanks for the mention :) Have a great weekend!
    My recent post Toast Sandwich Recipe and Review

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