A Wedding Gift full of Zest - Unique Gifter
A Wedding Gift full of Zest

A Wedding Gift full of Zest

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A Wedding Gift full of Zest

Wedding gift registries usually have a great many little things, like lemon zesters, garlic presses and even avocado slicers and spice racks.  One of the reasons that towel cakes and wedding shower cakes have become so popular is that they are a fun way to make a unique and creative wedding gift.  If you would like to see some examples, head on over to my Pinterest boards.  Personally, I like to use poems as a way to tie things together and make them interesting.  Some previous examples are for a kitchen fire extinguisher, and for sugar pots.  Today, I have a poem about love and zest, which you can use for your wedding shower gifts made up of odds and ends (as long as the odds and ends include a zester!)
Zest and Zeal Poem
This cute poem is thanks to Manjeshwari P MYSORE.  I turned it into the printable above, simple right click on the image and copy it to your word processing program, or to a program which allows you to make gift cards.

I was given a Microplane 34808 Orange Citrus Tool for my wedding shower and I love it. It helps that it’s a bright and spunky colour, too.  My favourite ever garlic press?  I know you’re super interested!  It’s the Zyliss Susi 2 Garlic Press, but apparently now there’s a third incarnation?

It’s the simple touches that make things memorable, so give a poem a shot!

What’s your favourite little kitchen tool?

PS: The poem is heteronormative, perhaps make a spin off?
[Photo – Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike – INeedCoffee.com]

5 thoughts on “A Wedding Gift full of Zest”

  1. thebrokeandbeautifullife

    I love a good kitchen tool. The garlic press probably gets used the most. I used to have a citrus juicer which is fun and pretty cheap. Of course, I would love a real juicer, but that's a tall order.
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    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      That's one (maybe one of the only?) things that I don't have and have definitely wanted before!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      I love good knives, they make such a difference. That's actually the topic of tomorrow's post!

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