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Bingo Board with Photos as a Gift

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Bingo is a great fun hobby, whether played in a hall, online or with your own game at home. If you know a bingo-head, why not make them a fun, personalised bingo board as a gift?

To do this, you’ll need plenty of photos of your gift receiver, perhaps including photos of people and things that mean a lot to them. You’ll also need a way to reproduce these photos.

To make the bingo cards themselves, you’ll need card, scissors, a ruler and some glue.

The bingo cards we’re teaching you to make are based on the 75 ball American game, but this can be easily adapted to whichever version you prefer. For examples of different kinds of bingo which you can easily access online, head to

Firstly, you’ll need to make a 5×5 grid on your card, with 25 equal squares inside. The size of your squares will probably depend on the photos you’re using, and how much it’s appropriate to cut out of the photograph. Whichever size you end up going with, remember to include a one-inch bar at the top of your card for the BINGO letters. Also, leave the centre square empty as a free space. (Tip: fill this in with a drawing or some craft paper decorations like a bow or flower)

Then it’s time to get creative. Start cutting up the copies of your photographs and sticking them onto your bingo cards. Mix the photos up so that no bingo card looks exactly the same. Remember to keep the originals (or at least another full set of all photographs used) and hand them over as part of the gift too, so that they can act as the balls which would be drawn and called in a regular bingo game.

Then you can box the completed cards and hand over to a friend or loved one. As an alternative, or addition to the gift, you could buy and/or decorate some photo frames to display the cards in, providing a quirky and unique picture display.

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