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Has anyone ever seen the movie Doubt? Β At one point, there is a scene where the whole town is swimming in feathers from pillows, it’s pretty neat. Β I would call that the highlight of the film (for me) and do not really recommend watching it.

On to more exciting things: There is an international pillow fight day! Β www.pillowfightday.com Β Major cities all over the world had big, public pillow fights on April 7, 2012, as well a day a year, starting in 2008!

The Gift

Great pillows are delightful, and are frequently requested as a wedding gift. Β I myself have long had an affinity for pillows. Β In university they were important as they provided insulation beside my wall, because my wall didn’t have any insulation. Β My spouse says that pillows are really important for building forts. Β If you see pillows on a wedding registry, go forth and purchase them. Β On your card, write “May all your fights be with pillows!” and include the link to Pillow Fight Day.

You could also consider including this T shirt, from Threadless:

Threadless - Pillow Fight

Do you have a super-favourite pillow? Β Mine is a nice, soft, feather pillow. Β 

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