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Jewellery Gift Ideas for Older Family Members

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Jewellery can make a wonderful gift at any age but buying for elderly relatives may require more careful consideration. Youthful jewellery often centres on trends and large statement pieces whereas an older family member is likely to appreciate something a touch more personal and versatile to ensure they can get enough use out of it. If you’re considering buying jewellery for an elderly relative’s birthday or other special occasion, consider some of the following ideas for inspiration.

Commemorative Piece

A ring or bracelet celebrating a milestone can be a wonderful gift for a younger family member to bestow upon the recipient such as a grandchild. If your parents or grandparents have an upcoming anniversary to celebrate, make it extra special with commemorative jewellery that features an engraving or a special message. This is a great, versatile gift choice since it can work well with either gender i.e. an anniversary bracelet or locket necklace for grandma and a commemorative cufflink for a grandfather.

Memorial Jewellery

If an older relative has recently lost someone close to them, a memorial pendant or ring can be an incredibly thoughtful and personal gift idea. Allow them to keep alive the memory and spirit of someone special with a pendant containing a poignant and meaningful verse. Spiritual jewellery is also a good option in the event of loss – something such as a cross or a pair of doves intertwined in a pendant can serve as a prayer aid and provide great comfort to the recipient whenever they gaze upon it.


Brooches may be the perfect gift for elderly relatives who are not big on jewellery and trinkets since they can provide subtle style and elegance with very little effort.  A brooch in the pleasing shape of a butterfly or a love heart can add a touch of sparkle and glamour to their favourite winter coat or be used to brighten and accessorise a cushion or throw pillow at home.

Elderly family members will always appreciate something sophisticated yet useful – ideally, something they may still get use and joy out of rather than an item that is purely decorative. Consider their favourite pastimes or guilty pleasures and surprise them with a quirky gift set to reflect this.

Go against the grain of gift-buying and take the time to consider what you would appreciate in later life instead of opting for a typical and conventional gift. Ask family and friends for further advice if you’re unsure.

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