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Kitchenaid Standmixer: Get the Best Price

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When it comes to gift giving, do you desire to β€œwin”? Do you want to be the heroic bestower of all things awesome? Go for gold and buy the stand mixer. This post is intended to assist you in getting a Kitchenaid Standmixer for the best possible price. Please add any and all tips to the bottom, to make this the best resource possible!

First off, if this is a gift, verify which exact model the couple would like and determine if there is any flexibility on that. Different models have different motor strengths, colours, bowl types, etc. There are several variations on the colours black, white and silver as well. Once you know if you need to hunt out a specific model, or have a bit of flexibility, then you can start looking for the best price. No point in getting a smoking deal on a cherry red bowl lift mixer to find out they wanted an imperial grey one with glass bowl!

Amazon –

I spent at least 6 months stalking the prices of stand mixers on Amazon. I learned a few things. For example, right around American Thanksgiving, those prices jump up for the Christmas season. They have also gone up again in the late spring/early summer in anticipation of the wedding season. The lowest price by far that I have seen was $160 for an Artisan. As of today, the same one is $285. The $160 price was after rebate and was on March 2, 2012. So find the model you want on Amazon, maybe even bookmark it. Then, check it every day or two, ready to pounce when the price drops! You could also check every day by clicking on these images (affiliate links):

Swagbucks –


I used swagbucks to supplement my Amazon purchase. [That above is a referral link.] One of the best value rewards that they offer is $5 gift certificates, for 450 swagbucks. Every morning, you can answer the poll for 1, plus click through the β€œNo Obligation Special Offers” or NOSO, for 2 swagbucks. Then if you get a search and win or two, you’ll be at 10 or 12 for the day, without much effort at all. When deciding whether or not you want to do this, determine how much value you place on your time, you may not think that it’s worthwhile. Also, you can load more than one gift certificate into your amazon account at a time, so you can collect as many $5 increments as you would like. The last time I checked, the $5 cards were a better β€œprice” than the $50 ones!

Canadian Tire –

If anyone has spent much time at Canadian Tire, you’ll know that they have many items that regularly go on sale. Lucky for us, the Pro 5 Plus stand mixer is one of those things! They may not have the best colour selection, but the Kitchenaid will go on sale for $299. (At least, I have seen that price several times.) Regular price on these bad boys is closer to $499. They also have sales on the Ultra Power model fairly frequently. Another item that I have seen for sale there is the basic attachment pack, on for $99, which is very competitive. To save even further, purchase gift cards at a discounted price from!

Zellers –

With the coming of Target, the frequent Zellers sales on the base model Kitchenaid Stand Mixers are probably going the way of the dodo bird. That said, you may be able to snap up some fantastic deals during the liquidation sales!

Shopping Channel –

I am not proficient with Shopping Channel purchases, but a co-worker is on top of it. She has sent me links when they put the mixers on sale, so you may want to watch the channel, or check the prices every once and awhile on their website.

eBay –

You may find a great price on eBay, however make sure that you’re looking at a number that includes shipping! All is well saving yourself $50, only to find out that shipping is $60!! When looking on eBay, check the descriptions thoroughly. Make sure that you know whether or not you are purchasing a refurbished machine, a new one, or a used one. Also check the power supply, as eBay will frequently have European, British or Oceania plugs and voltages for sale.

Craigslist & Kijiji –

The same warnings apply as for eBay.

Google Alerts –

I got this idea from this post. Go to, after you have a google account, and set up a query that will email you whenever your specified term shows up. Like most searches, you can use quotations in order to get an exact match. Ie β€œKitchenaid Artisan Sale” will not return results that say β€œdeal on Kitchenaid Artisan.” So keep that in mind when setting up your query, possibly making more than one. That will notify you of any activity on the web, especially eBay and Craigslist postings.

Rewards Cards –

Do you hold a credit card with points? Perhaps a grocery store or department store? Airmiles? Check how many points you have and if a mixer is available.

Coupons and Credit Cards –

Some stores will give a discount when you sign up for their shop credit card. I am not advocating that you acquire a credit card if it is not right for your financial situation and management. If, however, you can entertain the idea of a credit check and new card, you may be able to get a significant discount by registering. Some stores also provide β€œX% off a purchase over $50” or similar coupons. I know that HBC rewards does this frequently, as well as Bed Bath and Beyond. Make sure you check the fine print to ensure you can use the coupon for Kitchenaid brand items.

Online Comparison Shopping –

In Canada, you can try using to compare prices across many vendors. That said, not all vendors will appear in this list, but it is a good starting point. Assorted Colours – The most likely candidates for great liquidation prices are the bright coloured mixers. If you aren’t picky, or if you have your heart set on one of the out-there choices, you’re in luck; these are the most likely to end up at discount stores and as the final sale items. So hit the pavement to check out sales at all of your liquidator and big box stores, as well as try calling the appropriate departments for information. You may be able to get some even better sales tips by asking employees in the correct departments. They may know their store’s trends or know when things drop in price. For more ideas on getting the best deal on a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, check out this link to eHow.

What are your tips or thoughts on getting the best possible price on a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer??

5 thoughts on “Kitchenaid Standmixer: Get the Best Price”

    1. Totally … especially when I know I have a long time before I need the item (ie: weddings!). The amount of research we put into buying sports gear is ridiculous, too.

  1. An Amazon tip: Add the mixer you choose to your shopping cart and then click the "save for later" button. Go back daily and click on "edit my cart". Every time you visit your cart you'll see a little pop-up that says "The price of the following items in your cart has changed:" and then it will list everything in the "saved for later" section along with the old and new price.

    I did this when buying my KitchenAid, and again recently when buying a very expensive roaster/slow cooker combo. I visited my cart every day and waited until the "price drop" notification came up before moving it back to my cart and hitting the "buy" button.

    Also something most people don't know: If you buy something from Amazon and the price drops within 7 days of your purchase, you can email customer service and they will refund you the difference. So if the item you're buying drops even lower, you can still be confident that if it goes down again within a reasonable amount of time, you're covered. (I got $35 back on my slow cooker because even though I waited until the price dropped significantly, it made one more big drop right after I placed my order.)
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    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Wow – awesome tips!! Thanks for sharing them Kara.

  2. AWESOME tips. Really tough to scratch the itch when you want to buy your KitchenAid, though it really pays off in the end to be patient. This will definitely be helping a lot of people save a couple of bucks, or at least have a better perspective of the murky waters that is online shopping.

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