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Romance Winner: In-Home Catering

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Today’s post is short and super-sweet!ย  Have you heard the saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”ย  I don’t think it really needs to be narrowed down to men in particular!ย  The way to many peoples’ hearts is through their stomachs.ย  Here are a few ideas of things that should win over hearts for you!

In-Home Catering

Once upon a time I had to book a caterer for an event, while talking to one locally, she let me know what she was up to at the time.ย  Let me tell you, this fellow was winning many, many points with his wife!ย  For their anniversary, he had the grown children flown in and had a week’s worth of catered meals in their home.ย  No dishes, delicious food, all the social life… winner!ย  You would even win major points if you did this for a weekend.

The Picnic

This has been a classic for a long time, but do not underestimate the power of a well-executed picnic!ย  Part of the key is the surprise and the details.ย  Make sure you haveย a blanket, napkins, delicious food and something lovely to drink.ย  For some more extensive tips, check out How to Pull offย the Perfect Picnic.

The Wine and Dine

This is not quite the same as in-home catering, but it’s along the same lines.ย  For a lovely “gift” from one partner to another, plan a surprise delicious and fancy meal.ย  I’m suggesting you pick an unassuming Tuesday night, to surprise the socks right off of your love.ย  Make them a lovely meal, set the table and do the dishes.

The Surprise Dine

This one requires a little bit more planning and the right sort of venue.ย  Does your partner volunteer somewhere?ย  Are they spending long nights at work and could stand a bit of an interruption?ย  Surprise them by showing up with dinner and a candle, for a touch ofย romance.ย  Dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, this one is all about the gesture.


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Do you have any other suggestions on gifts of food to feed love?

8 thoughts on “Romance Winner: In-Home Catering”

  1. I would definitely agree that food is the way ;) – How about 'Overindulgence' now and then it is good to have lots of bad things!

  2. The sheer attempt of trying to recreate someones favorite restaurant meal/dessert would probably go over well, even if it doesn't turn out perfectly the thought would be well appreciated :)

  3. I've heard of that saying before, but I think for some men, the real way to their hearts is a little bit lower :P I love the picnic idea, it's cheap and healthy. I was watching this tv show about frugality and this one guy took inexpensive boxed wine and poured it into a fancy wine bottle to serve lol. How romantic. Presentation can mean a lot I guess.

  4. I do love a well-prepared meal. I think the key here is to find a good recipe with perhaps 10 ingredients or so that you know how to work with and follow it to the letter. So many people try to pull out all the stops with a fancy exotic meal, only to find out that they don't know how to cook with saffron or lemon grass or whatever.

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