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With the sun high in the blue sky, what makes for good summer gift ideas? These customizable beach towels are just the thing for a birthday gift.

Splash of Summer Gift Ideas

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With the sun high in the blue, blue sky, what do you reach for as a gift idea? Itโ€™s a season of pools, beaches, hiking and long, warm evenings.

Itโ€™s also the season of pool parties with your neighbours. Perhaps your HOA has a pool, or you do yourselves, maybe grandma and grandpa have a pool, or your community has an awesome water park.

Another epic summer activity is heading to the beach, of course. Perhaps a splash pool in the back yard, or reading a quick and easy novel while sunbathing.

All of these activities have a few things in common. If youโ€™re me, itโ€™s a healthy supply of SPF60 sunscreen, for one. The second is a towel.

How often have you lost your towel, or fought over the already-wet version?

Mmmhmm. Iโ€™ve been there. I grew up with a pool at my house and every summer, without fail, we acquired extra beach towels, forgotten and never reclaimed.

What if there were a way to avoid that problem, knowing exactly which towel belonged to whom?

Even better, towels with a bunch of customizable patterns on them.

That would make a pretty epic summer gift idea, would it not?

GiftsForYouNow.com makes just the thing, customizable beach towels, as part of their summer collection.

They provided my spouse and I with one each. My spouse opted for an anchor design with initials and I got some cute seahorses along with my name.

If we ever forget these towels at someoneโ€™s house, there will be no wondering if the navy blue towel belongs to Eric or Andrew or Jess. The one that says Anne will be mine. Easy-peasy.

Now, most people arenโ€™t going to go out and buy themselves a towel with their name on it, which is what makes them an excellent gift.

Itโ€™s also a gift that kids love. Itโ€™s hard for your little brother to steal your towel when itโ€™s got your name on it. You can easily say, โ€œmooooom, he stole my towel.โ€

Plus, your very own dinosaurs? Yes please. Adults love dinosaurs too.

These towels have the names included directly into the printing, so thereโ€™s no scratchy bits, or sections that will warp as the towel ages.

The style of these make them perfectly suited to lying on the beach, without picking up too much sand. I recommend them primarily as your mat towel, they are great for prickly grass in the backyard.

What else goes wonderfully with pool parties at the neighboursโ€™?

Wine backpack kit


Wine is my answer for a lot of things, Iโ€™ll be honest.

I can be found in the condo hot tub with friends, after the heat of the day has died down but the sunlight still remains.

In my hand? A glass of wine in a plastic wine glass. Glass around pools and hot tubs can be a big no-no, plus itโ€™s a pain to pack up and transport.

Here enters the handy-dandy wine tote. This is a high quality bag, sporting a few pockets, two plastic wine glasses, two cloth napkins, a corkscrew and a wine stopper. With a shoulder strap, itโ€™s a key piece of kit for heading to the neighbours, or a beach that allows you to bring along a beverage. Perhaps this is not well suited to watching the kids down at the water park.

It comfortably fits a bottle of wine and packs up well again so that the wine glasses arenโ€™t dripping all over. I was quite impressed with the quality of the bag and it sports an embroidered letter on the case.

It would make a great housewarming present, because all of the necessary things are right there and ready to go! The wine tote would also be a fun engagement gift, a great birthday present for a wine drinking mom or a fun addition to a wedding present.

GiftsForYouNow.com has quite a variety of completely personalized gift options, from matching sets to single unique pieces. For every season and a multitude of occasions, they have different options, that you do not see everywhere.

Cheers to summer, my friends.


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