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Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas+ 10 Christmas Gift Giving Etiquette Tips

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Ladies and Gentlemen! Christmas is around the corner and it inches closer every year.  Our anticipation of this awesome holiday is unparalleled. But if you think that our anticipation is unparalleled, ask the people on your Christmas List to see how infinitely more excitedly anticipatory they are! Just us? Okay, we’re Christmas fanatics and think that everyone else should be, too.

Christmas Gift Giving Etiquette Tips

Luckily for them, they have you and us and we are planning to give the best Christmas present that will rock their world, while not breaking your budget. 

We are going to go straight to it and rather than give you a list of “50 Best Christmas Gift Ideas” or “32 Best Christmas Present Ideas”, we are going to cut down to need to the Christmas gift that is deep down in the heart desires of the people on your list. 

Now, depending on who is on your Christmas gift list, gift ideas for that particular person may need to be fine-tuned to them, but the items on this article that you’re reading will most likely be better than those “fine-tuned gifts”

Even better at the end of this listing, we are going to give you 10 Christmas Gift Giving Etiquette to make your gifts to them immensely impressive and will absolutely unmatched. Due to this reason, we urge to keep reading to find out what these awesome gifting etiquettes are.

Now for the real deal, here’s are the top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas AND 10 Christmas Gift Giving Etiquette to solidify this gift-giving experience.

  1. Home Tech

Home Tech Gifts are awesome and incredible because unlike a gift like kid’s toys, home tech gifts last for a long time and possess so much value not just to the general recipient but to their family, friends, and even guests. 

Before you gift this gift, however, make sure that you know what they have so as to not give them a gift item that they already own or have a similar version of. If for instance, if you want to give an amazon echo as a Christmas gift, you want to make sure that the person doesn’t already own even google home or an apple home pod 2, or even an amazon echo itself.

  1. Tickets to Events

Who doesn’t like to go out and rave? Maybe a couple of people who love to do home-based activities? Actually, No. Everyone, no matter their social skills, wants to get out of the house, have fun, and enjoy themselves. 

This is why tickets to awesome events like a Christmas play/show, a movie, or a concert during the Christmas period is one of the best Christmas gifts yet this awesome gift is so underrated.

  1. Gift Cards/Money/Christmas Cards

Okay, immediate caution, this gift is not really geared towards adults as it might appear insulting and condensing for some adults, BUT this makes for a fantastic gift for kids, teens, and general “non-adults”. Make sure to check out our gift-giving etiquette if you’re ever unsure if of how a gift is going to be received. 

Now, think for a second to when you were a kid unless your daddy is warren buffet and no matter your money management skills, you probably always never had “enough money to do what you want”. Giving Gift Cards and Money to kids is an awesome way to give them creative freedom to shop for items that better suit them. 

Finally, Make sure you compliment every Christmas gifting experience with an awesome Christmas greeting card so as to put your gift over the top.

  1. Home Gift: “Functionality” Gifts

The heart of each Christmas season is in the heart of every individual and the hear of every individual is in their home. This is why we think that gifts in this category are very important because they help make a home a home. These aren’t things like art, sculptures, and such, we are going to go over them in a bit. These are things that add kinetic functionality to the home. Whether it’s an awesome Slow Cooker to make Christmas Christmas even cooking more festive, or a Standing Mixer to make birthday cupcakes less hectic, an awesome Ninja Coffee Maker to give them a boose for work throughout the year, or even a wine cooler in which they can store wine in and soothe with after long days of work.

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  1. Your Time

Alright, let’s cut to something that transcends this list of top 10 best Christmas gift ideas, and is dramatically more valuable than gifts on this list – YOUR TIME! None of these gifts here will be valuable if you are not willing to give your time to those that matter. 

Here’s one important thing to note about time before you concluded that you don’t have enough time to invest in your kids. 

You see, You can’t actually save time, get more time, or even loose time, you can only find different ways to spend it. So when you say to a person; “Sorry Dear, I don’t have enough time”, you’re really just saying to that person, “Sorry Dear, I’m just going to use this time that I could have allotted for you to do something else which by I find to be more important.” So prioritize the ones that matter this holiday at least.

Also, you can’t make time go by slower or faster, because time goes by at the same rate for everyone, no matter how effective you work during a day or your tiredness during another day. Time goes by at the same rate for every single person on this earth. So prioritize and put your time where it truly matters.

  1. Gaming and Entertainment Technology

Now, we are back to the informative thrill of advice that is this list of top 10 best Christmas gift ideas. Everyone loves the gifts on the list. Kids, adults, everyone! Why? Because everyone inherently loves receiving gaming and entertainment tech gift items as Christmas presents. 

Many adults in your life will go insane if you gifted them a Surface Pro or a MacBook Air for Christmas. Teenagers will go love you if you gifted them a Wii Gaming System, an Xbox, a Nintendo Switch, or a Playstation Console. You can definitely win the hearts of your more introvert loved ones with an awesome gift like a Kindle or an Ipad. These are some of the most wish-listed items for Christmas and we have high stakes your loved ones crave these gift items as Christmas Presents!

  1. Home Gift: “Decorative” Gifts

Now to the other half of the Home Gift category, decorative Christmas gifts. Home Decor is really crucial to creating a healthy home but the thing is we have so much going on that purchasing home decorations for our home is probably virtually impossible. 

This is why awesome home decor pieces like wall art, an awesome Christmas wreath, or marbled ornaments are incredible gifts to give during Christmas. In addition, giving these gift help you put a direct input into the homes of your friends and families.

  1. Toys for the Kids

If you get the right toy for a kid on your Christmas list, they will love you forever and ever.Toys are the holy grail of Christmas presents, being the bread and butter of most top retail companies like Wal-Mart, Target, or Amazon during Christmas. Toys are big. Every child wants some sort of toy for Christmas.

  1. Portable and Trendy Tech

Unless your gift recipient is 99 and doesn’t care about the latest and great new tech, you’ll probably love this category. Whether’s some brand new Apple Airpods, some Beats headphones, a change of phones to a new phone model, or even a Fitbit, you’re bound to be the best gifter in the room. Even more importantly, you’ll be giving gifts that will last forever in the memories of your recipient regardless of age and that is a priceless gift for you!

The items on this category make for a spectacular and long-lasting Christmas gift. So, not only will your gift recipient be happy, you’ll probably be happy as well just because of how thrilled they. And that’s a perfect win-win.

  1. Fashion

Somehow, fashion during Christmas isn’t incredibly prevalent in the United States, but just like toys sale and tech are the holy grail gift in most of the US, fashion items are incredibly Christmas gift ideas in other countries. So why not try something different and give some awesome clothes during Christmas. 

Have you heard of enough about your friend and that awesome winter boot that they’ve wanted all year long? Well now’s your time to get it for them. Have you heard enough about your niece on the “cool purse” everyone in her school is walking around with and she feel lame or left out because she doesn’t have one? Well, now’s a perfect time to gift her that cool purse so that she can love you forever. 

Here’s a cooler idea…

You could even go out of your family and buy some fashion for the homeless and donate it for those who don’t have much. Why? Well, there are many reasons why but one of the most important is that everyone, no matter their position in life, deserves a wonderful, lovely, happy, and gift-filled Christmas!

Now here’s a quick list of 10 Christmas gift-giving etiquette tips

  1. Don’t give mediocre gifts that are ill-planned or that don’t come from the heart!
  2. Add a gift receipt so the person can return it and to show transparency.
  3. Add a personal touch or note to the gift.
  4. Never ask for a gift in return. Christmas gifting is not an guaranteed gift trading event.
  5. Don’t be deceptive, so if you don’t have a gift, say so. No will kill you.
  6. If someone gives you a particular gift suggestion, deliver on that, or else don’t ask.
  7. Give a gift that is significant or useful to the recipient.
  8. Make sure that you have the right gift for everyone on your list.
  9. It is crucial to follow workplace policy religiously
  10. Don’t compete with anyone or match spending with other gift-givers. PLEASE

Happy Gifting and have a Merry Christmas season! 

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