Wedding Decor: Aka Outdoor Christmas Decoration - Unique Gifter
Wedding Decor Aka Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Wedding Decor: Aka Outdoor Christmas Decoration

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Wedding Decor Aka Outdoor Christmas Decoration

There are a few folks out there in the blogosphere who are plannings weddings, or about to have them quite shortly.  In fact, it seems like it’s a recurring theme in the Personal Finance world.  If you want to vicariously share the joy, you can pop over to Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, My Alternate Life, Frugal Portland (her baby sis is doing a mini series) or Making Sense of Cents.

Want to know something weird about wedding decorations?  Many are indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations!  I wrote a post back in January all about Ways to Save on Weddings Post-Christmas, which outlined a great many things that go on sale at that point in time.  There’s something fairytale-esque (absolutely a word) about a mass of twinkling lights and tulle, achieved using candles and Christmas lights.  I also love how the light refracts with a million bubbles, it’s so pretty!  Maybe that’s why white lights are such a common feature in dorm rooms?  Living the dream?  In case you missed out on picking up tonnes and tonnes of lights for your wedding decor, you can click here to get some online.

There are a couple big upsides to using outdoor Christmas decorations for your wedding decor.  For example, you can repurpose things back to their original purpose.  Is there a trendy word for that yet?  Perhaps re-upcycle?  Consider that one coined right here ;-)  You could also resell your new found decor to other lucky couples, or hold on to it and sell it in November.  That’s when other people can re-upcycle it.  (That term is totally going to catch on.)

Sneakier yet?  Regift it!  One of the more uncommon, but oft appreciated gifts is sets of Christmas/Hanukkah decorations, especially at wedding showers.  Lights can get rather pricey, so young couples may have to skip them due to budgetary constraints.  Add in a few rolls of wrapping paper, some decorations and you have a very frugal bridal shower gift.  Maybe even a mini-tree as a gift!  Yes, I know that it’s used and regifted, but use your judgement regarding who you give it to and how well you repackage!!

Another weird tip: make sure you have enough plugs and extension cords!

[Photo – CC Attribution – Erin Hime]

14 thoughts on “Wedding Decor: Aka Outdoor Christmas Decoration”

  1. I am pretty sure ALL of my friends and family are getting a gift inspired by your website. I have a friend's wedding coming up in August, and she is Christmas crazy. Thanks to you, I now have an answer to, "What in the world should I get her???!" Thanks for the always inspiring gift ideas!
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  2. theoutliermodel

    Very true! One couple I knew used Christmas lights extensively as part of the outdoor portion of their wedding. Whatever works right.
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    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Yup! Some of my favourites have had tonnes of Christmas lights and candles in a backyard, so pretty!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Good for you – I bet ours are still packed up in my in-laws basement. I'd sell them for them, but they're on the other side of the country!

  3. Winter weddings can always be quite tricky with the lack of light and unstable weather. Using existing lights and Christmas decor is a great saving tip that I never personally considered before! Christmas flowers are also great addition to a wedding – just imagine all the lovely colors!

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Yes, unstable weather can be a killer. It's even easier to use Christmas decor for Christmas weddings, it's more readily available!

  4. haha I started buying all the white corded lights after Christmas leading up to my wedding then realized WTF am I going to do with all this crap when I'm done?! so for 300 I hired a decorator to do it for me….she also cleaned the whole reception hall after the party. I couldn't have been bothered to buy all the stuff, store it in our apt then set it up, take it down, clean and sell it when I was done.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Yes – it's totally a trade off, depending on the prices you can get for rentals and such!
      I think our stuff is still sitting in my inlaws basement because they haven't sold it, but the stuff we purchased was much less expensive than a decorator.

    1. Anne - Unique Gifter

      Anytime :-) That's fun that there's lots of lights, they look so pretty at dusk and in the dark.

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