45 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

45 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

After you’ve picked your bridal party, celebrated with the showers, and reached the big day; you might want to give the excellent bridesmaids (maybe your flower girl, too!) standing up with you a little token of appreciation. It’s really simple to find something practical or fun to give them and not blow the rest of your wedding budget. I have compiled a varied list of items that should get the gift ball rolling!

 45 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Luggage Tag – useful before, during, and after wedding festivities!

2. Personalized Passport Cover – if they’re travelers, that is!

3. Custom Name Bracelet

4. Diamond Candles

5. Individual Caricatures of Each Bridesmaid

Individual Caricatures of Each Bridesmaid


6. Bridesmaid Picture Frames

7. Personalized Robes

8. Foldable Ballet Flats to Match their Dresses

9. Personalized Mason Jars

10. Monogram Stationery

Monogram Stationeries

11. Personalized Camelbak Water bottles

12. Pashmina Scarves

13. Cupcakes in a Jar – might also be a great wedding favor!

14. Personalized Swimsuit Bottoms

15. Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

16. Hanging Toiletry Bag

17. Wedding Party Tumblers

18. Monogram Nightshirts – good for sleeping and getting ready!

19. Jewelry– always a safe choice!

20. Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

21. Matching Umbrellas – practical and might make for a great photo opportunity!

Matching Umbrellas

22. Flasks

23. Flower Vase – good place to hold their wedding flowers and useful after the wedding, too!

24. Custom Hangers

25. Personalized Wine Glass

26. Bow-tie Clutch

Bow-tie Clutch

27. Box of Chocolates

28. A Soft Perfume, like this one from Vera Wang

29. A Leather Notebook/Planner

30. Dainty Champagne Flutes

31. Monogram Mug

Monogram Mug

32. Concert Tickets – something that the whole bridal party could attend together!

33. Crystal Decanter

34. Custom Printed SmartPhone Case

35. Personalized Spa Wrap

36. Shoes to Wear During the Wedding

37. Monogram Cosmetic Bag

38. Gift Card to the Hotel they’re Staying in for the Wedding – order room service, visit the spa, buy something at the gift shop!

39. Glass Coasters of their home state

40. Bottle of their favorite wine, with a custom label

Bottle of their favorite wine, with a custom label

41. Travel Jewelry Roll

42. Wedding “Hangover Helper”

43. Cozy Slippers

44. Personalized Photo Cufflinks – nice if you might have a male in the bridal party!

45. Cheese Cutting Board

Cheese Cutting Board

As you can see, the options are limitless with gifts for your bridal party. Take the time to be creative and give them something useful and thoughtful to thank them for being a part of your big day!


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  1. These are all great ideas! I gave my bridesmaids personalized robes, wine, earrings, and I paid for their hair and makeup :)

    • Anne - Unique Gifter says:

      Awesome! Reducing the costs of participating is such a great idea, weddings can be expensive for absolutely everyone!

  2. Great list! I know a lot of people have trouble thinking of bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. Hopefully this ranks high on the search engines and people find it!
    My recent post 20 Random Things about DC of Young Adult Money

    • Anne - Unique Gifter says:

      :-D I love the blogger hopes and dreams in there! I hope so, too. The same ideas come up over and over… it's nice to have some variety in the ideas!

  3. Marie says:

    These are all perfect bridesmaid gift ideas! My top pick is the individual caricatures of each bridesmaid, I think it's very unique and surely the bridesmaid would definitely love it!
    My recent post An Introduction into Technical Indicators

    • Anne - Unique Gifter says:

      It is definitely very unique! I would put mine up in my office, if I ever received one.

  4. thebrokeandbeautifullife says:

    Concert tickets would be fun, but prob pretty expensive, depending on who you're going to see. Love the robe idea too.
    My recent post Thank You For Your Success

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