Valentine’s Card Ideas – Frugal and Romantic

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Sticking to a Budget Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Love Them Enough!

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift, Valentine’s Day can often be the most stressful holidays of the year. We all want to give our loved one’s something special, but if you only have a limited budget things can get a little tricky. It’s all too tempting to splash out on an extravagant gift to show your other half just how much you love them. However, sometimes the most sincere expressions of love come with a smaller and more sentimental gift.

Sending a Valentine’s Day card is one of the most traditional ways of expressing your love for someone special, but it is a simple gesture that is often not given enough credit. A well thought-out message could be more appreciated than an elaborate gift. Why not opt for a beautiful handmade card or have a look at personalized Valentine’s Day cards online to make it extra special?  For more brownie points, purchase a card and then put it in the mail to your loved one!  They will be surprised and touched by the fact you remembered early enough for them to receive it in the post; it will be both frugal and romantic.

Don’t worry if you’re the sort of person who enjoys gift-giving. Just remember that sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you are being stingy or that you don’t care. It’s a good opportunity to get a little creative and come up with something that’s both meaningful and unique.

One idea is to buy a photo album or a scrapbook and fill it with photos of you and your other half. This can be a great way to document your time together. Alternatively, you could decorate an old jam jar and fill it with coloured pieces of paper, each noting something you love about that special person. Another great idea is to make your own gift certificates with a service you could provide your loved one such as doing the washing up for a month or cooking them their favourite meal. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong breakfast in bed with all the trimmings!

Perhaps you are the type of couple who enjoys a romantic meal out on Valentine’s Day. Again, once you’ve paid for the meal and the wine, it ends up being a costly evening. Why not break the tradition and opt for a home-cooked meal instead? Even after buying all your favourite food and renting a film on top of that, the bill will probably end up being half of what you would have paid in a classy restaurant. Plus, there’s no waiting around to be served or having to share your romantic evening with a restaurant full of other couples!

So, this Valentine’s Day think outside the box, don’t get bogged down in the material and remember what it actually is you are celebrating. Sticking to a budget may very well give you a more memorable day.


What are your frugal and romantic Valentine’s Day suggestions?

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