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Year by Year - Traditional and Modern anniversary gifts

Year by Year: Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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If you’re looking for a wedding anniversary gift idea, the Internet has plenty of well-thought-out lists — vacations, fashion, mix CDs, visits to the spa and so on. Sometimes, though, you could find yourself looking for more than just good ideas. You could want to think of something that could make your spouse’s day and also be meaningful. If this is what you need, you should turn to tradition.

Over the centuries, Western tradition has evolved specific themes for every single wedding anniversary year. If you’re looking for meaning in a gift that pleases, here are ideas.

Your first anniversary — theme it to paper and the color yellow

Paper and the color yellow are traditional themes for gifts when you’ve been married a full year. Paper-based gifts certainly aren’t difficult to think of. Gift certificates, greeting cards and personalized stationery are all good, simple ideas. You can be a bit modern by reinterpreting the basic theme, though. If you would like to be adventurous, you could take out an ad in a newspaper declaring your love to the world in a theme based on the color yellow.

On your fifth, have fun with wood and the color blue

A gift themed on wood and the color blue are traditional when you’ve been married five years. You don’t need to get a blue-painted picture frame or something equally dull, though. You could be much more imaginative and plant a tree in your backyard; the tree would be the wood, and the sky above it would be the blue you needed. A hike through the woods would be another imaginative way to blend tradition with a creative, modern twist.

Tin for ten, and the color silver

You could buy anything fashioned of tin, which is certainly silvery when polished. It wouldn’t be a particularly romantic gift, though. If you were to take a trip together to Latin America and buy traditional tin souvenirs for each other, though, you’d take tradition to a whole new level.

On your 20th, consider buying china, and working in the color green

China is the traditional gift for 20th anniversaries. Picking out china patterns can actually help you feel like young newlyweds again. If you’d like to be adventurous, you can reinterpret things and head out on a trip to China, instead.

Silver is the theme for the 25th

Understandably, the silver anniversary is all about the precious metal and also the color. It isn’t hard to be interesting with silver — a silver pen and silver jewelry are all wonderfully pleasing gifts. Silver-themed wedding Christmas ornaments could be even better.

Gold for the 50th

If you’re closing in on 50 years, it is certainly a huge occasion; the gift needs to be a very special one. A gold watch may nor cut it — it has too much association with retiring. Instead, find something fun to do — a trip to Gold Coast, Australia, for instance, could be fun.

On the 60th

If you’ve come as far as 60 years, there is so much to celebrate that diamond jewelry wouldn’t be going too far. If you’d like to be imaginative, though, you should try diamond-like Swarovski crystals.

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